Carlos Anaya

Carlos Anaya [1] (17771862), was a Uruguayan politician and historian.


Anaya was born in San Pedro, Buenos Aires. He drafted the Uruguayan Declaration of Independence, 1825.

He was senator from 1832 to 1838. This was in the period before the party system had been fully developed in Uruguay. In October 1834 President Fructuoso Rivera stepped down from office.

Anaya was the author of some noted historical works.

President of Uruguay

Anaya served as President of Uruguay from 24 October 1834 to 1 March 1835, having succeeded Fructuoso Rivera in that office.

Anaya was himself succeeded as President by Manuel Oribe.


Anaya died in Montevideo in 1862.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Fructuoso Rivera
President of Uruguay

Succeeded by
Manuel Oribe

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