Carloman II

"Carloman II" might refer to the second Carolingian of that name, otherwise known as Carloman I.
Carloman II
King of West Francia

Coronation of Carloman II
Reign 879–884
Coronation September 879 in Ferrières-en-Gâtinais
Predecessor Louis the Stammerer
Successor Charles the Fat
Born 866
Died 12 December 884
near Les Andelys
Burial Saint Denis Basilica, Paris, France
House Carolingian
Father Louis the Stammerer
Mother Ansgarde of Burgundy

Carloman II (c. 866 - 12 December 884), King of West Francia, was the youngest son of King Louis the Stammerer and Ansgarde of Burgundy, and became king jointly with his brother Louis III of France on his father's death in 879. Initially some Frankish nobles advocated electing Louis III as the sole king, but eventually both brothers were elected kings. Although some doubts were cast upon the legitimacy of their birth, the brothers obtained recognition and in March 880 divided their father's realm at Amiens, Carloman receiving southern Kingdom of Burgundy and Kingdom of Aquitaine.

the realm of Carloman II after the division of March 880 is shown in blue
A denarius minted under Carloman II

Meanwhile the powerful Duke Boso of Provence had renounced his allegiance to both brothers and had been elected King of Provence. In the summer of 880 Carloman and Louis III marched against Boso, took Mâcon and the northern parts of his realm. Despite receiving help from their cousin Charles the Fat, who ruled East Francia and Kingdom of Italy the siege of Vienne lasted from August to November without success. Only in the summer of 882 Vienne was taken after being besieged by Richard, Count of Autun.

After the accidental death of Louis III in August 882, Carloman II became the sole king of West Francia. The kingdom was in a deplorable condition partly owing to repeated incursions from the Viking raiders, and his power was very limitd by rebellious nobles, especially in Burgundy.

Carloman II died while hunting on 12 December 884 and was succeeded in the throne by his cousin, the Emperor Charles the Fat.


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Carloman II
Born: c. 866 Died: 12 December 884
Preceded by
Louis II
King of West Francia
10 April 879 – 12 December 884
with Louis III (10 April 879 – 5 August 882)
Succeeded by
Charles the Fat
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