Carlo Cicuttini

Carlo Cicuttini (1947 – 24 February 2010) was a former member of the neo-fascist grouping Ordine Nuovo, who was convicted in absentia in 1987 for his part in a bombing attack in Peteano di Sagrado, 1972. The leader of the Monfalcone section of the Italian Social Movement–National Right party, he was found to have made an anonymous call to the local Carabinieri Station, stating that a Fiat 500 with several bullet holes had been found abandoned. Four Carabinieri attended the scene and by opening the boot of the car triggered the bomb hidden inside it. Three of them were killed while one was seriously injured. Vincenzo Vinciguerra, a member of the neo-fascist Avanguardia Nazionale, was later tried and found guilty of planting the bomb.

Military officers helped Cicuttini escape to Spain, where he married and lived for two decades. He was eventually captured on a business trip to France, and extradited back to Italy. He had been arrested and let go by Spanish police in 1985, but they were not aware of an Italian extradition request. Cicuttini supposedly had ties with the Guerrilleros de Cristo Rey and the Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación.[1]

Cicuttini died of cancer on 24 February 2010 at a Palmanova hospital.

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