Caricature Carvers of America

In 1989, a group of ten wood carvers, with the common goal of promoting the art of caricature carving, met in the back room of Paxton Lumber Co. in Fort Worth, Texas to discuss the formation of a national organization to further that goal. From that meeting came the Caricature Carvers of America (CCA). The founding group consisted of fifteen nationally recognized wood carvers representing a broad geographical distribution as well as diverse styles of caricature carving. Since the inception of the CCA, two members have resigned, four have converted their membership to "emeritus" status, three are deceased, and eighteen new members have been elected, bringing the 2003 membership to 25. The newly formed organization made no claims of being "the best," although many of the members are readily recognized as being among the elite in the carving community. The combined membership has garnered several hundred first place ribbons, including many "Best-of-Show", in carving competitions across the nation; they have published over 80 books on wood carving; and they regularly teach wood carving seminars throughout the United States and Canada.


  1. To promote and elevate the appreciation of caricature woodcarving within both the wood carving community and the general public.
  2. To provide an environment that will encourage growth in skill, creativity, and excellence among its members and the carving public.



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