Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation

Not to be confused with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation
Type Broadcast radio network
Television network
Country Barbados
Availability National
Owner Barbadian Government
Key people
Doug Hoyte : General Manager
Mr. Pearson Bowen: Head of Radio Department
Mrs. Cecily Clarke-Richmond: Head of Television
Mr. Andrew Greene: Chief MCTV Officer
Mr. Reudon Eversley: Head of News and Current Affairs
Launch date
December 1963 (radio)
December 1964 (television)
Official website
CBC Headquarters.
CBC's multiple satellites next to the ABC Highway.

The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is a public radio and television broadcaster, located in Barbados.

The television service broadcasts on channel 8 and is the only legally licensed, over-the-air television channel broadcasting in the country of Barbados. The corporation also owns and operates three radio stations: CBC Radio on 94.7 MHz FM and 900 kHz AM, The One on 98.1 MHz FM, and Q-100.7 on 100.7 MHz FM.

Besides the terrestrial television and radio the CBC operates a wireless Cable TV subscription service called Multi-Choice TV (MCTV) which offers many television stations from around the globe, including the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.

CBC's studios and offices are located North of Wildey at The Pine, Saint Michael. The television broadcast transmitter is located at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies (Lazaretto, Black Rock), however it will soon be replaced by a transmitter at The Belle, St. Michael.[1] The television broadcast is provided in the NTSC television format.

The CBC falls under the ministry and jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Office. In 2008, Lars Soderstrom became the General Manager of the CBC.[2]

In August 2006, Chairman, Sonwabo Funde of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) reportedly held discussions with Barbadian government officials with the aim of forming a partnership or acquiring a stake in the CBC.[3] In 2012 as part of a campaign promise the Barbados Labour Party's leader, Owen Arthur stated if his party wins the upcoming general election, the CBC could become privatised under that party's plan to reform the Barbadian Government.[4][5]

The CBC is a member of: the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS,[6] the Caribbean Cable & Telecommunications Association,[7] and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association within the Commonwealth of Nations.



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