Captain General of Catalonia

The office of Captain General of Catalonia (capitán general de Cataluña in Spanish, capità general de Catalunya in Catalan) has been created in 1713 by the Nueva Planta decrees of King Philip V of Spain to replace that of Viceroy of Catalonia.

List of Captain Generals of Catalonia

Under Philip V

Under Ferdinand VI

Under Charles III

Under Charles IV

Under Ferdinand VII

Under Joseph Bonaparte (Governor general)

French Empire

Under Ferdinand VII (restauration)

Under Isabella II

Provisional Government (1868-1871)

Under Amadeo I

First Republic

Provisional Government (1873 - 1874)

Under Alfonso XII

Under Alfonso XIII

Second Republic

Under Francisco Franco

Under Juan Carlos I

Under Juan Carlos I (Región Militar Pirenaica)

Under Juan Carlos I (Inspector General of the Army)[1]



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