Capital region

This article is about a term describing a national administrative division. For other uses, see Capital region (disambiguation).

A capital region, also called a national capital region, capital district or capital territory, is a region or district surrounding a capital city. It is not always the official term for the region, but may sometimes be used as an informal synonym.

Country-level examples include:

Capital region name Country
Australian Capital Territory  Australia
Brussels-Capital Region  Belgium
Federal District  Brazil
National Capital Region  Canada
Jingjinji  China
Bogotá, Distrito Capital  Colombia
Copenhagen Capital Region  Denmark
Capital Region of Helsinki  Finland
Ile-de-France  France
Distrito Nacional  Dominican Republic
Tegucigalpa, Distrito Central  Honduras
Capital Region  Iceland
National Capital Region  India
Special Capital Region of Jakarta  Indonesia
National Capital Region  Japan
Mexico City  Mexico
Islamabad Capital Territory  Pakistan
Metro Manila  Philippines
Seoul Capital Area  South Korea
Madrid Metropolitan Area  Spain
Greater London  United Kingdom
Washington metropolitan area[1]  United States
Hanoi Capital Region  Vietnam

The term is also used by some subnational entities as follows:

Capital region name Subnational entity
Edmonton Capital Region  Alberta
Capital Regional District  British Columbia
Capital District (Albany)  New York
Capitale-Nationale  Québec
Winnipeg Capital Region  Manitoba
Cardiff Capital Region  Wales

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