Cape Chukotsky

Cape Chukotsky
Map showing the location of Cape Chukotsky
Coordinates 64°16′00″N 173°04′00″W / 64.266667°N 173.066667°W / 64.266667; -173.066667Coordinates: 64°16′00″N 173°04′00″W / 64.266667°N 173.066667°W / 64.266667; -173.066667

Cape Chukotsky is located in the south-east of the Chukotka Peninsula, at the east entrance to the Providence Bay and the northern boundary of Gulf of Anadyr; it borders the Bering Sea and Bering Strait. This rocky cape hosts a bird colony with a population of one thousand northern fulmars, pelagic cormorants, black-legged kittiwakes, Urias, pigeon guillemots and horned puffins.[1]

The cape was discovered by the First Kamchatka Expedition on 8 August 1728. On that day, a boat of eight Chukchi men approached an expedition ship, which hinted Aleksei Chirikov to choose the name for the cape.[2]


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