Knud Porse

Knud Pedersen Porse
Duke of Samsø
Duke of Halland
Duke of Estonia
Spouse(s) Ingeborg Haakonsdatter


Haakon Knudsen Porse, Duke of Halland
Knud Knudsen Porse, Duke of Halland
Birgitta Knudsdatter Porse
Noble family Porse
Father Peder Knudsen Porse
Born c.1282
Died 30 May 1330(1330-05-30)

Knud Pedersen Porse or Canute Porse (died 30 May 1330) was a medieval Danish nobleman and Duke of Samsø, Duke of Halland, and Duke of Estonia.

Porse was the son of Peder Knudsen Porse, a Danish nobleman who was involved in the murder of King Eric V of Denmark and thus exiled together with his family in Sweden since 1286, where he had prospered.

On 21 June 1327 Porse married Ingeborg Haakonsdatter of Norway (1301–1361), who was Duchess of Södermanland by her first marriage. They had three children:



Preceded by
Christopher I
Duke of South Halland
By right of his wife, Ingeborg of Norway

Succeeded by
Ingeborg of Norway, Canute II and Haakon I
(as dukes of all Halland)
Preceded by
Valdemar II
Duke of Estonia
elected, with Ingeborg of Norway

Succeeded by
Ingeborg of Norway
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