Candle Lake (Saskatchewan)

Candle Lake
Location Paddockwood No. 520, Saskatchewan
Coordinates 53°49′13.86″N 105°18′15.47″W / 53.8205167°N 105.3042972°W / 53.8205167; -105.3042972Coordinates: 53°49′13.86″N 105°18′15.47″W / 53.8205167°N 105.3042972°W / 53.8205167; -105.3042972
Primary outflows Torch River
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Candle Lake

Candle Lake is a body of water in central Saskatchewan, approximately a fifty-minute drive northeast of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It is also the name of a resort village along the Eastern shore of the lake, and of Candle Lake Provincial Park which encompasses much of the surrounding area. Candle Lake is a popular tourist destination in Western Canada and is located in the boreal forest biome. In addition to natural sand beaches, the lake contains a number of sport fish species including northern pike, walleye, yellow perch,[1][2] burbot,[3] lake whitefish,[4] white sucker, longnose sucker and shorthead redhorse.[5] The lake takes its name from a Cree legend about flickering lights appearing near the north end of the lake, which have supposedly been seen right up to contemporary times.[6] Some theorize that the lights are caused by a gas emitted from decaying driftwood, rather than having a paranormal origin.

The level in Candle lake is regulated by a four-bay 3.1 m concrete dam, constructed in 1978-1979 and operated by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. The dam discharges into the Torch River.[7]


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