Candidatus scientiarum (male), or candidata scientiarum (female), abbreviated as cand.scient., is an academic degree currently awarded in Denmark and formerly awarded in Norway.

In Denmark, cand.scient. is a higher-level degree awarded as a Kandidat (Candidate) degree by Danish universities to graduate students in the mathematics and natural sciences. The study requires 120 ECTS, and normally requires two years study in addition to a completed bachelor's degree. The title is officially translated to English as Master of Science.[1]

In Norway, cand.scient. was a higher-level degree awarded in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences. It was introduced in 1985, replacing the more rigorous cand.real. degree. Completion required 1.5–2 years study in addition to a completed cand.mag. degree.[2] In 2003, the cand.scient. degree was replaced in Norway by the Master of Science degree as part of the adoption of the Bologna Process.[3]


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