Canale Italia

Canale Italia
Type Broadcast television network
Country  Italy
Availability Italy
Owner Lucio Gabo
Launch date
Former names
Serenissima TV (1976 - 2004)
Official website

Canale Italia is a Veneto-based Italians' television network that offer a light entertainment program: movies, news and weather bulletins, political debates and variety shows. After more than 20 years broadcasting in the North-East area of Italy with the name Serenissima Tv, in 2004 it acquired UHF channels from France 2 relays Telecentrotoscana and AiFraTef that allowed the station to be seen in the whole northern Italy.[1] After acquiring other channels to cover Rome, Serenissima TV became Canale Italia.

Canale Italia then proceeded to an aggressive campaign of expansion in the following years, being broadcast in syndication in some regions and acquiring new channels in others. On November 4, 2009, Canale Italia acquired all the channels of Perugia based station RTE 24H that covered Umbria and Tuscany alongside portions of Lazio and Marche. Many programs are available On Demand on the Official Site with Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. It is also broadcast Free To Air on Hot Bird satellite and is available on SKY Italia channel 883.


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