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The Canadian Secretary to the Queen (French: Secrétaire canadien de la Reine) is the senior operational member of the Royal Household of Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada. It is the principal channel of communication between the monarch and her Canadian government, provincial governments, and the governments of the 15 other Commonwealth realms, as well as managing the monarch's other correspondence in the Canadian context and drafting speeches the Queen will deliver.[1] The secretary is responsible for advising the prime minister "on matters related to the Canadian Crown, including providing advice on the Government of Canada's heritage-related commemorative initiatives, high level coordination of Royal Tours to Canada, and state ceremonial and protocol advisory functions."[2] Additionally, the secretary chairs, ex-officio, the Advisory Committee on Vice-Regal Appointments[3] and holds responsibility for the official programme of tours of Canada by members of the Royal Family.[1]

In November 2015, responsibility for the Canadian Secretary to the Queen was transferred from the Privy Council Office to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, currently Mélanie Joly.[4]

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