Campania regional election, 2010

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The Campania regional election of 2010 took place on 28–29 March 2010.

The region came out from ten years of undisputed dominance by the centre-left led by Antonio Bassolino (Democrats of the Left/Democratic Party). A former Mayor of Naples and minister, he was re-elected by a landslide 61.6% of the vote in 2005. However, in his second term in office, Bassolino highly disappointed voters and the whole Italy for his bad management of waste and the subsequent crisis.

The centre-left filed as candidate Vincenzo De Luca, a fellow Democrat and popular Mayor of Salerno who had been one of the loudest critics of Bassolino from within his coalition, but it was not able to recover. Stefano Caldoro, a former minister and leader of the New PSI, merged into The People of Freedom in 2009, won by a convincing margin over De Luca thanks to a 20% swing in favour of the centre-right, which included the Union of the Centre led by Ciriaco De Mita, an influent former leader of Christian Democracy converted into the role of local party boss. After the election, De Mita's son, Giuseppe was appointed Vice President by Caldoro.

The People of Freedom was by far the largest party in the region with more than 30% of the vote.


Candidates & parties votes votes (%) seats
Stefano Caldoro 1,579,566 54.27 38
The People of Freedom 870,645 31.59 21
Union of the Centre 258,963 9.40 6
MPANPSIPRI 159,993 5.81 4
We the South 99,680 3.62 2
UDEUR 92,927 3.37 2
Alliance of the Centre 64,754 2.35 1
Alliance of People 39,444 1.43 1
The Right 28,074 1.02 1
Vincenzo De Luca 1,252,360 43.03 22
Democratic Party 589,944 21.41 14
Italy of Values 178,448 6.48 4
Left Ecology FreedomPSE[1] 97,148 3.53 2
Alliance for Italy 83,979 3.05 1
Free Campania 69,589 2.53 1
Federation of the GreensThe Other South 29,493 1.07 -
Bonino-Pannella List 12,490 0.45 -
Paolo Ferrero 39,729 1.35 -
Federation of the Left 43,422 1.58 -
Roberto Fico 39,349 1.35 -
Five Star Movement 36,787 1.33 -
Total 2,910,333 100.00 60

Source: Corriere della Sera


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