Cahiers du cinéma

Cahiers du Cinéma
Editor Stéphane Delorme
Categories Film magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Phaidon Press[1]
First issue April 1951
Country France
Based in Paris
Language French
ISSN 0008-011X

Cahiers du Cinéma (French pronunciation: [kaje dy sinema], Notebooks on Cinema) is a French language film magazine founded in 1951 by André Bazin, Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and Joseph-Marie Lo Duca.[1][2] It developed from the earlier magazine Revue du Cinéma (Review of the Cinema established in 1928) involving members of two Paris film clubs—Objectif 49 (Objective 49) (Robert Bresson, Jean Cocteau and Alexandre Astruc, among others) and Ciné-Club du Quartier Latin (Cinema Club of the Latin Quarter). Initially edited by Doniol-Valcroze and, after 1957, by Éric Rohmer (Maurice Scherer), it included amongst its writers Jacques Rivette, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol and François Truffaut.[1] Cahiers re-invented the basic tenets of film criticism and theory. It is the oldest film magazine in publication.[3]

History and profile

The first issue of Cahiers appeared in April 1951.[4] A 1954 article by Truffaut attacked La qualité française ("the French Quality") (usually translated as "The Tradition of Quality") and was the manifesto for 'la politique des Auteurs'[2] which Andrew Sarris later termed the auteur theory resulting in the re-evaluation of Hollywood films and directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Robert Aldrich, Nicholas Ray, and Fritz Lang. Cahiers du Cinema authors also championed the work of directors Jean Renoir, Roberto Rossellini, Kenji Mizoguchi, Max Ophüls, and Jean Cocteau, by centering their critical evaluations on a film's mise en scène. In turn, auteurs were compared and contrasted, and a true film dialogue was established. The magazine also was essential to the creation of the Nouvelle Vague, or New Wave, of French cinema, which centered on films directed by Cahiers authors such as Godard and Truffaut. Movement by movement, style by style, the cahiers sought to advance and analyze the growth of world cinema.

Jacques Rivette replaced Rohmer as editor in 1963, shifted political and social concerns and paid more attention to the non-Hollywood cinema. The style moved through literary modernism in the early 1960s to radicalism and dialectical materialism by 1970. Moreover, during the mid-1970s the magazine was run by a Maoist editorial collective. In the mid-1970s, a review of the American movie Jaws marked the magazine's return to more commercial perspectives, and an editorial turnover: (Serge Daney, Serge Toubiana, Thierry Jousse, Antoine de Baecque and Charles Tesson). It led to the rehabilitation of some of the old Cahiers favourites, as well as some new film makers like Manoel de Oliveira, Raoul Ruiz, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Youssef Chahine, and Maurice Pialat. Recent writers have included Serge Daney, Serge Toubiana, Thierry Jousse, Antoine de Baecque, Vincent Ostria, Charles Tesson and André Téchiné, Léos Carax, Olivier Assayas, Danièle Dubroux, and Serge Le Péron.

In 1998, the Editions de l'Etoile (the company publishing Cahiers) was acquired by the press group Le Monde.[5] Traditionally losing money, the magazine attempted a make-over in 1999 to gain new readers, leading to a first split among writers and resulting in a magazine addressing all visual arts in a post-modernist approach. This version of the magazine printed ill-received opinion pieces on reality TV or video games that confused the traditional readership of the magazine.[1][2]

Le Monde took full editorial control of the magazine in 2003, appointing Jean-Michel Frodon as editor-in-chief.

In February 2009, Cahiers was acquired from Le Monde by Richard Schlagman, also owner of Phaidon Press, a worldwide publishing group which specialises in books on the visual arts.[1] In July 2009, Stéphane Delorme and Jean-Philippe Tessé have been promoted respectively as editor-in-chief and deputy chief editor.

Film top 10s

The following is a list of the Top 10 films chosen annually by the critics of Cahiers du Cinéma.


# Film Director Country
1.The RiverJean Renoir France
2.Diary of a Country PriestRobert Bresson France
3.Miracle in MilanVittorio de Sica Italy
4.Los OlvidadosLuis Buñuel Mexico
5.All About EveJoseph L. Mankiewicz United States
6.Miss JulieAlf Sjöberg Sweden
7.Story of a Love AffairMichelangelo Antonioni Italy
8.Sunset BoulevardBilly Wilder United States
9.Edward and CarolineJacques Becker France
10.The Flowers of St. FrancisRoberto Rossellini Italy
# Film Director Country
1.Voyage to ItalyRoberto Rossellini Italy
2.OrdetCarl Theodor Dreyer Denmark
3.The Big KnifeRobert Aldrich United States
4.Lola MontèsMax Ophüls France
5.Rear WindowAlfred Hitchcock United States
6.Bad LiaisonsAlexandre Astruc France
7.La StradaFederico Fellini Italy
8.The Barefoot ContessaJoseph L. Mankiewicz United States
9.Johnny GuitarNicholas Ray United States
10.Kiss Me DeadlyRobert Aldrich United States
# Film Director Country
1.A Man EscapedRobert Bresson France
2.Elena and Her MenJean Renoir France
3.Rebel Without a CauseNicholas Ray United States
4.Confidential ReportOrson Welles United States
5.SensoLuchino Visconti Italy
6.Smiles of a Summer NightIngmar Bergman Sweden
7.Il bidoneFederico Fellini Italy
8.L'AmoreRoberto Rossellini Italy
9.PicnicJoshua Logan United States
10.FearRoberto Rossellini Italy
# Film Director Country
1.A King in New YorkCharlie Chaplin United States
2.Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?Frank Tashlin United States
3.Nights of CabiriaFederico Fellini Italy
4.The Wrong ManAlfred Hitchcock United States
5.The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la CruzLuis Buñuel Mexico
6.Sawdust and Tinsel Ingmar Bergman Sweden
7.Bigger Than LifeNicholas Ray United States
8.The Girl Can't Help ItFrank Tashlin United States
9.Beyond a Reasonable DoubtFritz Lang United States
10.12 Angry MenSidney Lumet United States
# Film Director Country
1.Touch of EvilOrson Welles United States
2.The Seventh SealIngmar Bergman Sweden
3.White NightsLuchino Visconti Italy
4.Il GridoMichelangelo Antonioni Italy
5.Bonjour TristesseOtto Preminger United Kingdom
 United States
6.Journey into AutumnIngmar Bergman Sweden
7.One LifeAlexandre Astruc France
8.Mon OncleJacques Tati France
9.The Quiet AmericanJoseph L. Mankiewicz United States
10.Summer InterludeIngmar Bergman Sweden
# Film Director Country
1.Ugetsu MonogatariKenji Mizoguchi Japan
2.Hiroshima mon AmourAlain Resnais France
3.Ivan the TerribleSergei Eisenstein Soviet Union
4.PickpocketRobert Bresson France
5.The 400 BlowsFrançois Truffaut France
6.Rio BravoHoward Hawks United States
7.Wild StrawberriesIngmar Bergman Sweden
8.VertigoAlfred Hitchcock United States
9.Princess Yang Kwei FeiKenji Mizoguchi Japan
10.The Tiger of EschnapurFritz Lang West Germany


# Film Director Country
1.Sansho the BailiffKenji Mizoguchi Japan
2.L'AvventuraMichelangelo Antonioni Italy
3.BreathlessJean-Luc Godard France
4.Shoot the Piano PlayerFrancois Truffaut France
5.Poem of the SeaAlexander Dovzhenko & Yuliya Solntseva Soviet Union
6.Les Bonnes FemmesClaude Chabrol France
NazarinLuis Buñuel Mexico
8.MoonfleetFritz Lang United States
9.PsychoAlfred Hitchcock United States
10.Le TrouJacques Becker France
# Film Director Country
1.LolaJacques Demy France
2.A Woman Is a WomanJean-Luc Godard France
3.Paris Belongs to UsJacques Rivette France
4.Rocco and His BrothersLuchino Visconti Italy
5.Shin Heike MonogatariKenji Mizoguchi Japan
6.At Great CostMark Donskoy Soviet Union
7.La NotteMichelangelo Antonioni Italy
8.Last Year at MarienbadAlain Resnais France
9.Elmer GantryRichard Brooks United States
10.Two Rode TogetherJohn Ford United States
# Film Director Country
1.My Life to LiveJean-Luc Godard France
2.Jules and JimFrançois Truffaut France
3.Hatari!Howard Hawks United States
4.ViridianaLuis Buñuel Mexico
5.Le Signe du LionÉric Rohmer France
6.Wild RiverElia Kazan United States
7.The TrialOrson Welles United States
8.Through a Glass DarklyIngmar Bergman Sweden
9.The Elusive CorporalJean Renoir France
10.Vanina VaniniRoberto Rossellini Italy
# Film Director Country
1.ContemptJean-Luc Godard France
2.The BirdsAlfred Hitchcock United States
3.The Exterminating AngelLuis Buñuel Mexico
4.Adieu PhilippineJacques Rozier France
5.The Trial of Joan of ArcRobert Bresson France
6.MurielAlain Resnais France
7.The Nutty ProfessorJerry Lewis United States
8.The CarabineersJean-Luc Godard France
9.Salvatore GiulianoFrancesco Rosi Italy
10.Federico Fellini Italy
# Film Director Country
1.Band of OutsidersJean-Luc Godard France
2.GertrudCarl Theodor Dreyer Denmark
3.MarnieAlfred Hitchcock United States
4.A Married WomanJean-Luc Godard France
5.Man's Favourite Sport?Howard Hawks United States
6.Red DesertMichelangelo Antonioni Italy
7.America, AmericaElia Kazan United States
8.The SilenceIngmar Bergman Sweden
9.Now About These WomenIngmar Bergman Sweden
10.The ServantJoseph Losey United Kingdom
# Film Director Country
1.Pierrot le FouJean-Luc Godard France
2.SandraLuchino Visconti Italy
3.Winter LightIngmar Bergman Sweden
4.Six in Paris: "Gare du Nord" segmentJean Rouch France
5.AlphavilleJean-Luc Godard France
6.LilithRobert Rossen United States
7.Shock CorridorSam Fuller United States
8.The Family JewelsJerry Lewis United States
9.The Gospel According to St. MatthewPier Paolo Pasolini Italy
10.Le BonheurAgnès Varda France
# Film Director Country
1.Au Hasard BalthazarRobert Bresson France
2.WalkoverJerzy Skolimowski Poland
3.Not ReconciledJean-Marie Straub West Germany
4.Masculin FémininJean-Luc Godard France
5.The Man Who Had His Hair Cut ShortAndré Delvaux Belgium
6.Seven WomenJohn Ford United States
7.The Taking of Power by Louis XIVRoberto Rossellini Italy
8.Torn CurtainAlfred Hitchcock United States
9.Red Line 7000Howard Hawks United States
10.Fists in the PocketMarco Bellochio Italy
# Film Director Country
1.PersonaIngmar Bergman Sweden
2.Belle de JourLuis Buñuel France
3.WeekendJean-Luc Godard France
4.The Lion HuntersJean Rouch France
5.PlaytimeJacques Tati France
6.The Big MouthJerry Lewis United States
7.DaisiesVera Chytilova Czechoslovakia
The NunJacques Rivette France
9.2 or 3 Things I Know About HerJean-Luc Godard France
10.La ChinoiseJean-Luc Godard France
# Film Director Country
1.The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena BachJean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet West Germany
2.Before the RevolutionBernardo Bertolucci Italy
3.The EdgeRobert Kramer United States
4.Spirits of the Dead: "Toby Dammit" segmentFederico Fellini Italy
5.Don't Let it Kill YouJean-Pierre Lefebvre Canada
6.The Times That ArePierre Perrault Canada
7.BarrierJerzy Skolimowski Poland
8.Stolen KissesFrançois Truffaut France
9.Ride in the WhirlwindMonte Hellman United States
10.The Bride Wore BlackFrançois Truffaut France
Les ContrebandièresLuc Moullet France


No lists


# Film Director Country
1.The Aviator's WifeÉric Rohmer France
FranciscaManoel de Oliveira Portugal
3.Hotel AmericaAndré Téchiné France
Tragedy of a Ridiculous ManBernardo Bertolucci Italy
5.Germany, Pale MotherHelma Sanders-Brahms West Germany
The Woman Next DoorFrançois Truffaut France
7.StalkerAndrei Tarkovsky Soviet Union
8.The Music RoomSatyajit Ray India
Raging BullMartin Scorsese United States
10.GloriaJohn Cassavetes United States
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igniGuy Debord France
Palermo or WolfsburgWerner Schroeter West Germany
The Wings of the DoveBenoît Jacquot France
# Film Director Country
1.A Room in TownJacques Demy France
2.MoonlightingJerzy Skolimowski United Kingdom
PassionJean-Luc Godard France
4.White DogSam Fuller United States
5.The Color of PomegranatesSergei Parajanov Soviet Union
Identification of a WomanMichaelangelo Antonioni Italy
Le Pont du NordJacques Rivette France
8.ParsifalHans-Jürgen Syberberg West Germany
9.Three Crowns of the SailorRaúl Ruiz France
10.Le Beau MariageÉric Rohmer France
# Film Director Country
1.À Nos AmoursMaurice Pialat France
L'ArgentRobert Bresson France
3.Merry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceNagisa Oshima United Kingdom
Un jeu BrutalJean-Claude Brisseau France
5.The King of ComedyMartin Scorsese United States
Pauline at the BeachÉric Rohmer France
7.L'Enfant SecretPhilippe Garrel France
Faux-FuyantsAlain Bergala & Jean-Pierre Limosin France
Three Crowns of the SailorRaúl Ruiz France
10.Cracking UpJerry Lewis United States
Fanny And AlexanderIngmar Bergman Sweden
# Film Director Country
1.Full Moon in ParisÉric Rohmer France
2.Class RelationsJean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet West Germany
3.BiquefarreGeorges Rouquier France
First Name: CarmenJean-Luc Godard France
Liberté, la nuitPhilippe Garrel France
6.Rumble FishFrancis Ford Coppola United States
7.And the Ship Sails OnFederico Fellini Italy
Paris, TexasWim Wenders West Germany
The Right StuffPhilip Kaufman United States
10.Once Upon a Time in AmericaSergio Leone Italy
 United States
# Film Director Country
1.Hail MaryJean-Luc Godard France
2.DétectiveJean-Luc Godard France
3.Year of the DragonMichael Cimino United States
4.After the RehearsalIngmar Bergman Sweden
5.Love StreamsJohn Cassavetes United States
6.The Home and the WorldSatyajit Ray India
7.Les Amants terriblesDanièle Dubroux France
8.The ChildrenMarguerite Duras France
9.RanAkira Kurosawa Japan
10.Favorites of the MoonOtar Iosseliani France
Rendez-vousAndré Téchiné France
# Film Director Country
1.The Green RayÉric Rohmer France
2.Legend of Suram FortressSergei Parajanov Soviet Union
The SacrificeAndrei Tarkovsky Soviet Union
4.Double MessieursJean-François Stévenin France
5.Bad BloodLeos Carax France
Maine-OceanJacques Rozier France
7.ThérèseAlain Cavalier France
8.Scene of the CrimeAndré Téchiné France
9.After HoursMartin Scorsese United States
Alpine FireFredi M. Murer  Switzerland
DisorderOlivier Assayas France
Gardien de la nuitJean-Pierre Limosin France
Rise and Fall of a Small Cinema CompanyJean-Luc Godard France
# Film Director Country
1.Under the Sun of SatanMaurice Pialat France
2.The Death of EmpedoclesJean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet West Germany
IntervistaFederico Fellini Italy
Wings Of DesireWim Wenders West Germany
5.The Last EmperorBernardo Bertolucci China
 United Kingdom
6.Four Adventures of Reinette and MirabelleÉric Rohmer France
Full Metal JacketStanley Kubrick United Kingdom
 United States
YeelenSouleymane Cissé Mali
9.The Mass Is EndedNanni Moretti Italy
10.Blue VelvetDavid Lynch United States
The Color of MoneyMartin Scorsese United States
King LearJean-Luc Godard United States
Um Adeus PortuguêsJoão Botelho Portugal
Wedding in GalileeMichel Khleifi Palestine
# Film Director Country
1.A Short Film About KillingKrzysztof Kieślowski Poland
2.The Unbearable Lightness of BeingPhilip Kaufman United States
3.The DeadJohn Huston United States
4.UrgencesRaymond Depardon France
5.BirdClint Eastwood United States
6.Landscape in the MistTheo Angelopoulos Greece
7.De bruit et de fureurJean-Claude Brisseau France
8.The Last Temptation of ChristMartin Scorsese United States
9.Les InnocentsAndré Téchiné France
10.Story of WomenClaude Chabrol France
# Film Director Country
1.Do the Right ThingSpike Lee United States
Red Wood PigeonNanni Moretti Italy
3.Gang of FourJacques Rivette France
Dead RingersDavid Cronenberg Canada
5.The CannibalsManoel de Oliveira Portugal
YaabaIdrissa Ouedraogo Burkina Faso
7.Black RainShohei Imamura Japan
Thick SkinnedPatricia Mazuy France
Little VeraVasili Pichul Soviet Union
10.The Accidental TouristLawrence Kasdan United States
I Want to Go HomeAlain Resnais France
Time of the GypsiesEmir Kusturica Yugoslavia


# Film Director Country
1.Freeze Die Come to LifeVitali Kanevsky Soviet Union
The Little GangsterJacques Doillon France
3.GoodfellasMartin Scorsese United States
Nouvelle VagueJean-Luc Godard France
5.Alexandria Again and ForeverYoussef Chahine Egypt
Meghe Dhaka TaraRitwik Ghatak India
No, or the Vain Glory of CommandManoel de Oliveira Portugal
8.Crimes and MisdemeanorsWoody Allen United States
La DésenchantéeBenoît Jacquot France
DreamsAkira Kurosawa Japan
# Film Director Country
1.Van GoghMaurice Pialat France
2.Miller's CrossingCoen brothers United States
3.Barton FinkCoen brothers United States
4.The Godfather Part IIIFrancis Ford Coppola United States
5.Close-UpAbbas Kiarostami Iran
6.J'entends plus la guitarePhilippe Garrel France
7.Edward ScissorhandsTim Burton United States
8.Rhapsody in AugustAkira Kurosawa Japan
9.Les Amants du Pont-NeufLeos Carax France
10.Paris s'éveilleOlivier Assayas France
# Film Director Country
1.UnforgivenClint Eastwood United States
2.AgantukSatyajit Ray India
3.Life, and Nothing More...Abbas Kiarostami Iran
4.Husbands and WivesWoody Allen United States
5.Border LineDanièle Dubroux France
Savage NightsCyril Collard France
The SentinelArnaud Desplechin France
8.La Chasse aux papillonsOtar Iosseliani France
A Tale of WinterÉric Rohmer France
10.A Brighter Summer DayEdward Yang Taiwan
The House of SmilesMarco Ferreri Italy
Le mirageJean-Claude Guiguet France
The OakLucian Pintilie Romania
# Film Director Country
1.A Perfect World Clint Eastwood United States
2.Abraham's ValleyManoel de Oliveira Portugal
3.L'Arbre, le maire et la médiathèqueÉric Rohmer France
4.Smoking/No SmokingAlain Resnais France
5.In the Land of the DeafNicolas Philibert France
6.Aranyer Din RatriSatyajit Ray India
7.Mad Dog and GloryJohn McNaughton United States
8.Innocent BloodJohn Landis United States
9.Bad LieutenantAbel Ferrara United States
10.Hélas pour moiJean-Luc Godard France
# Film Director Country
1.Caro diarioNanni Moretti Italy
2.I Can't SleepClaire Denis France
3.Carlito's WayBrian De Palma United States
4.Wild ReedsAndré Téchiné France
5.The Nightmare Before ChristmasHenry Selick United States
6.Travolta and MePatricia Mazuy France
7.L'EnferClaude Chabrol France
8.Joan the MaidenJacques Rivette France
9.US Go HomeClaire Denis France
10.Coming to Terms with the DeadPascale Ferran France
M. ButterflyDavid Cronenberg United States
# Film Director Country
1.La CérémonieClaude Chabrol France
2.Le GarçuMaurice Pialat France
3.WaatiSouleymane Cissé Mali
4.The Bridges of Madison CountyClint Eastwood United States
5.Oublie-moiNoémie Lvovsky France
6.The Flower of My SecretPedro Almodóvar Spain
7.SonatineTakeshi Kitano Japan
8.Ed WoodTim Burton United States
9.Through the Olive TreesAbbas Kiarostami Iran
10.In the Mouth of MadnessJohn Carpenter United States
# Film Director Country
1.CrashDavid Cronenberg Canada
2.For Ever MozartJean-Luc Godard France
3.CasinoMartin Scorsese United States
4.My Sex Life... or How I Got into an ArgumentArnaud Desplechin France
5.God's ComedyJoão César Monteiro Portugal
6.Dead ManJim Jarmusch United States
7.ThievesAndré Téchiné France
8.Mission: ImpossibleBrian De Palma United States
9.EncorePascal Bonitzer France
Parfait amour!Catherine Breillat France
11.Don't Forget You're Going to DieXavier Beauvois France
# Film Director Country
1.Hana-biTakeshi Kitano Japan
2.Goodbye South, GoodbyeHou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
3.Lost HighwayDavid Lynch United States
4.The EelShohei Imamura Japan
The RiverTsai Ming-liang Taiwan
6.Same Old SongAlain Resnais France
Seventh HeavenBenoît Jacquot France
Taste of CherryAbbas Kiarostami Iran
9.Face/OffJohn Woo United States
Happy TogetherWong Kar-wai Hong Kong
ScreamWes Craven United States
# Film Director Country
1.Flowers of ShanghaiHou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
2.Dr. AkagiShohei Imamura Japan
3.Autumn TaleÉric Rohmer France
Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilClint Eastwood United States
5.AnxietyManoel de Oliveira Portugal
Sue Lost in ManhattanAmos Kollek United States
7.L'EnnuiCédric Kahn France
Velvet GoldmineTodd Haynes United States
9.Snake EyesBrian De Palma United States
10.L'arrière-paysJacques Nolot France
Jackie BrownQuentin Tarantino United States
OssosPedro Costa Portugal
TitanicJames Cameron United States
# Film Director Country
1.Eyes Wide ShutStanley Kubrick United States
2.The Wind Will Carry UsAbbas Kiarostami Iran
3.Sicilia!Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet Italy
4.eXistenZDavid Cronenberg Canada
5.Night WindPhilippe Garrel France
6.True CrimeClint Eastwood United States
7.The LetterManoel de Oliveira Portugal
8.The Straight StoryDavid Lynch United States
9.Ghost Dog: The Way of the SamuraiJim Jarmusch United States
10.As Bodas de DeusJoão César Monteiro Portugal
1990s (1990 - 1999)
# Film Director Country
1.The Bridges of Madison CountyClint Eastwood United States
Carlito's WayBrian De Palma United States
Goodbye South, GoodbyeHou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
4.Close-UpAbbas Kiarostami Iran
Eyes Wide ShutStanley Kubrick United States
Twin PeaksDavid Lynch United States
UnforgivenClint Eastwood United States
8.CrashDavid Cronenberg Canada
Edward ScissorhandsTim Burton United States
The RiverTsai Ming-liang Taiwan


# Film Director Country
1.Esther KahnArnaud Desplechin France
2.The CaptiveChantal Akerman Belgium
3.Man on the MoonMiloš Forman United States
4.Mission to MarsBrian De Palma United States
5.In the Mood for LoveWong Kar-wai Hong Kong
6.M/OtherNobuhiro Suwa Japan
7.Virgin SuicidesSofia Coppola United States
Yi YiEdward Yang Taiwan
9.Space CowboysClint Eastwood United States
10.Workers for the Good LordJean-Claude Brisseau France
# Film Director Country
1.Mulholland DriveDavid Lynch United States
2.The Lady and the DukeÉric Rohmer France
3.Millennium MamboHou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
4.Time and TideTsui Hark Hong Kong
5.I'm Going HomeManoel de Oliveira Portugal
6.PlatformJia Zhangke China
Wild InnocencePhilippe Garrel France
8.Sobibór, October 14, 1943, 4 p.m.Claude Lanzmann France
9.The Son's RoomNanni Moretti Italy
10.'R XmasAbel Ferrara United States
# Film Director Country
1.Secret ThingsJean-Claude Brisseau France
TenAbbas Kiarostami Iran
3.Blissfully YoursApichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand
4.From the Other SideChantal Akerman Belgium
5.The Uncertainty PrincipleManoel de Oliveira Portugal
6.My Mother's SmileMarco Bellocchio Italy
7.Talk to HerPedro Almodóvar Spain
8.SpiderDavid Cronenberg Canada
Spirited AwayHayao Miyazaki Japan
10.24 (TV series) N/A United States
GerryGus Van Sant United States
# Film Director Country
1.Tropical MaladyApichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand
2.S-21Rithy Panh Cambodia
Tie Xi Qu: West of the TracksWang Bing China
The VillageM. Night Shyamalan United States
5.SharaNaomi Kawase Japan
6.The Brown BunnyVincent Gallo United States
GerryGus Van Sant United States
Kings and QueenArnaud Desplechin France
9.Café LumièreHou Hsiao-hsien Japan
Kill Bill: Volume 2Quentin Tarantino United States
SarabandIngmar Bergman Sweden
# Film Director Country
1.Last DaysGus Van Sant United States
2.A History of ViolenceDavid Cronenberg Canada
Regular LoversPhilippe Garrel France
4.1/3 of the EyesOlivier Zabat France
Three TimesHou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
The WorldJia Zhangke China
The Young LieutenantXavier Beauvois France
8.Be with MeEric Khoo Singapore
Grizzly ManWerner Herzog United States
Sin CityFrank Miller & Robert Rodriguez United States
Tale of CinemaHong Sang-soo South Korea
# Film Director Country
1.Private Fears in Public PlacesAlain Resnais France
The SunAlexander Sokurov Russia
3.The HostBong Joon-ho South Korea
4.Lady ChatterleyPascale Ferran France
5.A Perfect CoupleNobuhiro Suwa Japan
6.CapoteBennett Miller United States
These Encounters of TheirsStraub–Huillet France
Lady in the WaterM. Night Shyamalan United States
9.The DepartedMartin Scorsese United States
10.Flags of Our FathersClint Eastwood United States
The New WorldTerrence Malick United States
# Film Director Country
1.Paranoid ParkGus Van Sant United States
2.Death ProofQuentin Tarantino United States
Inland EmpireDavid Lynch United States
Still LifeJia Zhangke China
5.La FranceSerge Bozon France
ZodiacDavid Fincher United States
7.Before I ForgetJacques Nolot France
Quixotic/Honor de Cavelleria or Honour of the Knights (Quixotic)Albert Serra Spain
Romance of Astree and CeladonÉric Rohmer France
10.The Duchess of LangeaisJacques Rivette France
I Don't Want to Sleep AloneTsai Ming-liang Malaysia
Syndromes and a CenturyApichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand
# Film Director Country
1.RedactedBrian De Palma United States
2.Colossal YouthPedro Costa Portugal
3.CloverfieldMatt Reeves United States
4.No Country for Old MenCoen brothers United States
5.Two LoversJames Gray United States
6.Waltz With BashirAri Folman Israel
7.Dernier maquisRabah Ameur-Zaïmeche Algeria
8.HungerSteve McQueen United Kingdom
9.A Short Film About the Indio NacionalRaya Martin Philippines
10.On WarBertrand Bonello France
# Film Director Country
1.Wild GrassAlain Resnais France
2.VincereMarco Bellocchio Italy
3.Inglourious BasterdsQuentin Tarantino United States
4.Gran TorinoClint Eastwood United States
5.Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired GirlManoel de Oliveira Portugal
6.TetroFrancis Ford Coppola United States
7.The Hurt LockerKathryn Bigelow United States
8.The King of EscapeAlain Guiraudie France
9.Tokyo SonataKiyoshi Kurosawa Japan
10.HadewijchBruno Dumont France
2000s (2000 - 20009)
# Film Director Country
1.Mulholland DriveDavid Lynch United States
2.ElephantGus Van Sant United States
3.Tropical MaladyApichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand
4.The HostBong Joon-ho South Korea
5.A History of ViolenceDavid Cronenberg Canada
6.The Secret of the GrainAbdellatif Kechiche France
7.Tie Xi Qu: West of the TracksWang Bing China
8.War of the WorldsSteven Spielberg United States
9.The New WorldTerrence Malick United States
10.TenAbbas Kiarostami Iran


# Film Director Country
1.Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past LivesApichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand
2.Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansWerner Herzog United States
3.Film SocialismeJean-Luc Godard France
4.Toy Story 3Lee Unkrich United States
5.Fantastic Mr. FoxWes Anderson United States
6.A Serious ManCoen brothers United States
7.To Die like a ManJoão Pedro Rodrigues Portugal
8.The Social NetworkDavid Fincher United States
9.ChougaDarezhan Omirbayev Kazakhstan
10.MotherBong Joon-ho South Korea
# Film Director Country
1.We Have a PopeNanni Moretti Italy
2.The Strange Case of AngelicaManoel de Oliveira Portugal
The Tree of LifeTerrence Malick United States
4.Essential KillingJerzy Skolimowski Poland
Outside SatanBruno Dumont France
6.A Burning Hot SummerPhilippe Garrel France
MelancholiaLars von Trier Denmark
8.House of ToleranceBertrand Bonello France
Meek's CutoffKelly Reichardt United States
Super 8J.J. Abrams United States
# Film Director Country
1.Holy MotorsLeos Carax France
2.CosmopolisDavid Cronenberg Canada
3.TwixtFrancis Ford Coppola United States
4.4:44 Last Day on EarthAbel Ferrara United States
5.In Another CountryHong Sang-soo South Korea
6.Take ShelterJeff Nichols United States
7.Go Go TalesAbel Ferrara United States
8.TabuMiguel Gomes Portugal
9.FaustAlexander Sokurov Russia
10.Keep the Lights OnIra Sachs United States
# Film Director Country
1.Stranger by the LakeAlain Guiraudie France
2.Spring BreakersHarmony Korine United States
3.Blue Is the Warmest ColourAbdellatif Kechiche France
4.GravityAlfonso Cuarón United Kingdom
 United States
5.A Touch of SinJia Zhangke China
6.LincolnSteven Spielberg United States
7.JealousyPhilippe Garrel France
8.Nobody's Daughter HaewonHong Sang-soo South Korea
9.You and the NightYann Gonzalez France
10.Age of PanicJustine Triet France
# Film Director Country
1.Li'l QuinquinBruno Dumont France
2.Goodbye to LanguageJean-Luc Godard France
3.Under the SkinJonathan Glazer United Kingdom
4.Maps to the StarsDavid Cronenberg Canada
5.The Wind RisesHayao Miyazaki Japan
6.NymphomaniacLars von Trier Denmark
7.MommyXavier Dolan Canada
8.Love Is StrangeIra Sachs United States
9.ParadiseAlain Cavalier France
10.Our SunhiHong Sang-soo South Korea
# Film Director Country
1.Mia MadreNanni Moretti France
2.Cemetery of SplendourApichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand
3.In the Shadow of WomenPhilippe Garrel France
4.The Smell of UsLarry Clark France
5.Mad Max: Fury RoadGeorge Miller Australia
 United States
6.JaujaLisandro Alonso Denmark
7.Inherent VicePaul Thomas Anderson United States
8.Arabian NightsMiguel Gomes Portugal
9.The Summer of SangailėAlantė Kavaitė Lithuania
10.Journey to the ShoreKiyoshi Kurosawa Japan
# Film Director Country Comment
1.Toni ErdmannMaren Ade Germany
First lone top spot for a female film-maker, Danièle Huillet shared the top spot in 1968 as part of the Straub–Huillet duo
2.EllePaul Verhoeven France1st appearance
3.The Neon DemonNicolas Winding Refn Denmark
 United States
1st appearance
4.AquariusKleber Mendonça Filho Brazil1st appearance
5.Slack BayBruno Dumont France4th appearance, 4th out of last 5 films cited
6.JulietaPedro Almodóvar Spain3rd appearance, last cited in 2002
7.Staying VerticalAlain Guiraudie France3rd appearance, 3rd straight film cited
8.La Loi de La JungleAntonin Peretjatko France1st appearance, one of only 2 films on the list that did not premiere at the Cannes Film Festival
9.CarolTodd Haynes United States2nd appearance, last cited in 1998
10.Le Bois Dont Les Rêves Sont FaitsClaire Simon France1st appearance, documentary, one of only 2 films on the list that did not premiere at the Cannes Film Festival

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