Cagliari light rail


Škoda 06 T tram at Monserrato station
Locale Cagliari, Italy
Transit type light rail
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 11
Began operation 2008
Operator(s) ARST Gestione FdS
Number of vehicles 5 Škoda 06 T
System length 12 km
Track gauge 950 mm (3 ft 1 38 in)
System map
Metrocagliari map

Cagliari light rail, commercially known as Metrocagliari, is a light rail line that serves the town of Cagliari and part of its metropolitan area, in Sardinia, Italy. It was inaugurated in 2008, after the renovation and the modernization of the previous narrow gauge railway system that operated in the urban area of Cagliari. In February 2015 the line 1 has been extended to the Policlinico-University Campus. It currently has eleven stops. Line 2 connects Gottardo to Settimo San Pietro. The line Repubblica-Matteotti line, very important because it will connect the tram with the transportation hub of the city, home to the train and suburban buses station, and most of the local bus station, is in the final design stages and it is expected that the work can begin in 2014. Cagliari had a tram system between 1893 to 1973. At its maximum extents it had 6 lines.


Coordinates: 39°13′00″N 9°07′00″E / 39.2167°N 9.1167°E / 39.2167; 9.1167

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