Café de Paris (Rome)

The Café de Paris is a famous bar on Via Veneto, one of the best known (and most expensive) streets in Rome, Italy. It is located at Nr. 90, close to the United States embassy.[1] The bar was immortalised in 1960 in the movie La Dolce Vita by Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, starring Anita Ekberg, Anouk Aimée and Marcello Mastroianni who played a "paparazzo" riding his Vespa in search of celebrities.[2] During the heady days in the 1960s, the cafe was one of the preferred watering holes of starlets, residual nobility, nouveau riche and sultans.[3]

In November 2008, the Italian anti-fraud police announced that the bar had been taken over by 'Ndrangheta crime families from Calabria.[4][5] The bar was in the hands of the Alvaro 'Ndrangheta clan. Antimafia judges from Reggio Calabria seized the premises in July 2009.[6] The bar was re-opened in November 2011 and is now managed by the National Agency for the Administration and Allocation of Confiscated Properties (Agenzia nazionale per l'amministrazione e la destinazione dei beni confiscati), and sells products produced by one of Italy's leading anti-Mafia groups Libera, which runs cooperative farms on lands confiscated from the Mafia and other Italian organized crime groups. "The new administrators want the cafe to offer products that are not only good but just", said Father Luigi Ciotti the president of Libera.[3][7]


Coordinates: 41°54′28″N 12°29′22″E / 41.90778°N 12.48944°E / 41.90778; 12.48944

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