Caetano Levante

Caetano Levante

Stotts Coach Travel Caetano Levante bodied Volvo B9R in Blackpool in May 2013
Manufacturer Salvador Caetano
Body and chassis
Doors 1
Floor type Step entrance, wheelchair access at entrance using lifts
Chassis Scania K EB
Volvo B12B
Volvo B9R
Volvo B11R
Engine Scania EGR (Scania K EB)
Volvo DH12C, DH12E (Volvo B12B)
Volvo D9B (Volvo B9R)
Mercedes Benz
Transmission Volvo I-Shift 6-speed
ZF Ecomat automatic
Scania Opticruise
Length 12.60m (2 axles) and 14.20m (3 axles)
Width 2.55m
Height 3.70m

The Caetano Levante is a coach body built by Salvador Caetano on the Scania K EB, Volvo B12B, Volvo B9R and Volvo B11R chassis, exclusively for National Express in the United Kingdom. It was designed by a brief given by National Express for 'an easy access vehicle to schedule 1 of the Disability Discrimination Act with the wow factor'.[1][2]

Originally only available on the Volvo B12B chassis, the Levante enabled both able-bodied and wheelchair passengers to enter the vehicle via the front door, using a combination of a front mounted lift and two single pedestal mounted seats in place of the traditional double at the front nearside of the passenger area.

This model is similar to a Portuguese market model, Caetano Winner, which was presented in 2004 and was born from a collaboration with Evobus with the first units being equipped with Mercedes-Benz OC500 chassis, but other manufacturers' chassis can be applied.


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