Cadell ap Rhodri

King of Seisyllwg
Reign 872 – 909 AD
Predecessor Rhodri Mawr
Successor Hywel Dda
Born c.850
Died 909 AD
Issue Hywel Dda
House House of Dinefwr
Father Rhodri Mawr
Mother Angharad

Cadell ap Rhodri (854–909) was King of Seisyllwg, a minor kingdom in southwestern Wales, from about 872 until his death.


Cadell was the second son of Rhodri the Great of Gwynedd and Angharad, a princess from Seisyllwg. In 872 Angharad's brother Gwgon, King of Seisyllwg, drowned without leaving an heir. Rhodri became steward over the kingdom, and while he was unable to make a legal claim to the throne, he was able to install Cadell as king.[1]

He passed it to his son, Hywel Dda, at his death in 909. Cadell and Hywel together also conquered Dyfed in 904905, establishing Hywel as the king in that region. After his father's death, Hywel ruled the kingdoms jointly as Deheubarth.

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Cadell ap Rhodri
Dinefwr Dynasty
Born: 854 Died: 909
Preceded by
Rhodri the Great
Prince of Seisyllwg
Merged by Hywel Dda into Deheubarth
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