Cabinet of Jan Olszewski

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The Cabinet of Jan Olszewski was the government of Poland from December 23, 1991 to June 5, 1992, sitting in the Council of Ministers during the 1st legislature of the Sejm. Led by lawyer Jan Olszewski, it was supported by the coalition of the Centre Agreement and the Christian National Union as well as the Christian People's Party in the beginning and the Peasants' Agreement at the end. On May 1992, Sejm passed the vetting resolution which obligated the Minister of Interior to publish the list Voivodes, Judges, Deputies, Senators, Prosecutors and Ministers who were secret collaborators in UB and SB from 1945 to 1990 at the request of Deputy Janusz Korwin-Mikke which led to dissolution of the government which is known as ''Night Shift'' (pol.Nocna zmiana).

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