Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport
Shona Robison MSP

since 21 November 2014
Appointer First Minister

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, commonly referred to as the Health Secretary, is a cabinet position in the Scottish Government. The Cabinet Secretary is responsible for the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates and NHS Scotland. The Cabinet Secretary is assisted by the Minister for Public Health and Sport and the Minister for Mental Health.

The current Cabinet Secretary is Shona Robison, who was appointed in November 2014.


The position was created in 1999 as the Minister for Health and Community Care, with the advent of devolution and the institution of the Scottish Parliament, taking over some of the roles and functions of the former Scottish Office that existed prior to 1999. After the 2007 election the Ministerial position was renamed to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing. After the 2011 election the full Ministerial title was Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing and Cities Strategy with the portfolio being expanded to include Cities Strategy which was part of the SNP manifesto to have a dedicated "Minister for Cities"; at the same time the responsibility for housing was removed and transferred to the new Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment. Responsibilities for the cities strategy and the delivery of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow were later transferred to other members of the cabinet.[1] After the 2016 election, the name of the post was changed to simply Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport.



As of May 2016, the responsibilities of the Cabinet Secretary include:[2]

NHS, Elective centres, Health care and social integration, Carers, Adult care and support, Implementing 2020 Vision and National Clinical Strategy, Patient services, NHS staff and pay, Problem alcohol use and recovery, Healthy working lives, National service planning, NHS performance, Acute services, Sporting events and legacy, Patient safety, Quality strategy, Public health, Health protection, Sport and physical activity, Primary care, Mental health, Allied healthcare services, Dentistry, Sexual health, medical records, Health improvement, Drugs policy, Child and maternal health.

Public bodies

The following public bodies report to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport:

List of office holders

Name Portrait Entered Office Left Office Party First Minister
Susan Deacon 16 May 1999 28 November 2001 Labour Party Donald Dewar
Malcolm Chisholm 28 November 2001 6 October 2004 Labour Party Henry McLeish
Jack McConnell
Andy Kerr 6 October 2004 16 May 2007 Labour Party Jack McConnell
Nicola Sturgeon 16 May 2007 19 May 2011 Scottish National Party Alex Salmond
Nicola Sturgeon 19 May 2011 5 September 2012 Scottish National Party Alex Salmond
Alex Neil 5 September 2012 21 November 2014 Scottish National Party Alex Salmond
Shona Robison 21 November 2014 18 May 2016 Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon
Shona Robison 18 May 2016 Incumbent Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon


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