C.D. Suchitepéquez

Full name Club Deportivo Suchitepéquez
Nickname(s) Venados (Deer)
Founded 1960
Ground Estadio Carlos Salazar Hijo
Mazatenango, Guatemala
Ground Capacity 10,500
Chairman Alfonso Cruz Berganza
Manager Duglas Zamora
League Liga Nacional de Fútbol
Clausura 2016 Champions
Estadio CD Suchitepéquez

Club Deportivo Suchitepéquez is a Guatemalan football club that competes in the Liga Nacional, the top division in the nation. They are based in Mazatenango, Department of Suchitepéquez, and their home stadium is the Estadio Carlos Salazar Hijo. The team was formed in 1960, and won the league championship in 1983 and 2016.



In 1981, they defeated Spanish league champions Atlético Madrid 1–0 on a friendly match to re-open the Carlos Salazar stadium.

The team's most successful era took place in the mid-1980s. Having been runner-up in the 1982 domestic league, Suchitepéquez won the national league title in 1983, with a record of 16 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses in 22 matches. The team was managed by the Uruguayan Julio César Cortés, a former Uruguayan international who played in three World Cups. The stars of this team were Uruguayan strikers César Eduardo Méndez and José Luis "Chopo" González.

Suchitepéquez went on to play in the 1983 CONCACAF Champions' Cup, beating Deportivo Saprissa in the first round. In the second round, they drew with Tigres UANL 1–1 in the first leg, and then beat them 3–0 at home, becoming the first Guatemalan football team to defeat a Mexican team in an official tournament.[1] After that they faced Atlante, drawing the first match but losing 0–6 in the second leg to the eventual champions.

They finished second in the local league again in 1984, repeating that in the 1989–90 tournament.


In 1992, Suchitepéquez won the summer (cup) tournament, and then defeated the 1992 league champions Municipal in the Champion of champions ("Super Cup") match. They won further domestic cup (Copa de Guatemala) titles in 1993 and 1997.


The club struggled to remain in the top division during the 1998–99 season, finishing next to last overall, and avoiding relegation in the last instance by winning a relegation play-off. The following year, they finished in last place overall, and were directly relegated.


After four years in Primera División, the club returned to the top division for the 2004–05 season, finishing fourth in the Torneo Apertura.


The club has been a constant top finisher in the Guatemalan top division but has fallen one game short of reaching the final twice. Currently the club has had solid seasons finishing in the top 3 and are currently in second place in the Clausura 2015 season behind champions Comunicaciones. In the summer 2014, the club signed Emiliano Lopez a young Argentine prospect who finished his first season as the second top scorer in the first division behind Guatemalan star and Municipal forward, Carlos Ruiz. Emiliano Lopez is currently the top scorer in the 2015 clausura tournament.


The club played "La Final" against the champion of the last Clausura Tournament Comunicaciones FC, which on Estadio Mateo Flores, Comunicaciones FC won the first leg of the Guatemalan championship, winning by a 2-1 against Suchitepequez CSD, but on the last game "Juego de Vuelta" of El Final Suchitepequez CSD came victorious on their own stadium Carlos Salazar Hijo winning by a 3-0, making after waiting for 30 years, Suchitepequez CSD champions for the 2nd time in their history. Suchitepequez CSD is the current Torneo Clausura 2015-2016 Champions.

Performance in CONCACAF competitions

1993 - 4th Place
1995 - Qualifying Stage (Central Zone)
2016 - N/A

Current squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Guatemala DF Josué García
3 Guatemala DF Henry Medina
4 Guatemala DF Wilson Lalín
5 Guatemala DF Víctor Hernández
6 Guatemala MF Wilfred Velásquez
7 Guatemala MF Wilber Caal
8 Guatemala MF Mynor Morales
9 Brazil FW Allan Kardeck
10 Mexico FW Amaury Escoto
No. Position Player
11 Colombia FW John Córdoba
13 Guatemala DF José Luis Hidalgo
12 Guatemala FW Roberto Porras
14 Guatemala FW Ronaldo Loaiza
16 Guatemala DF Jorge Arana
21 Uruguay FW Gonzalo Gutiérrez
22 Guatemala MF Aldo Pimentel
23 Uruguay MF Diego Cardozo
25 Canada GK David Monsalve

Notable players

Former players

  • Guatemala Rodrigo de Leon (FW)
  • Guatemala Ricardo Jerez Hidalgo (GK), (1960s)
  • Guatemala Alejandro Ortiz Obregón (DF), (1980s and 1990s)
  • Guatemala César "El Picho" Trujillo (FW), (2000s)
  • Guatemala Edwin Villatoro (FW), (2000s) [active]
  • Peru Julián Arturo Vargas (DF), (1980s)
  • Uruguay José Luís "Chopo" González (FW), (1980s)
  • Uruguay César Eduardo Méndez (FW), (1980s)

List of coaches

  • Guatemala Manuel Felipe Carrera (1961)
  • Brazil Arnaldo da Silva (1965–66)
  • Guatemala Alberto Donis (1967)
  • Chile Jaime Ormazábal (1968, 1970)
  • Guatemala Adalberto Donis (1969)
  • Chile Néstor Valdez Moraga (1971)
  • Brazil Arnaldo da Silva (1972–75)
  • Guatemala Emilio René Morales Hidalgo (1976)
  • Guatemala Justo Rufino López (1977)
  • Guatemala René Aquino Sánchez / Francisco Aquino Sánchez (1977–78)
  • Guatemala Oscar Raúl Cancinos Vásquez (1978–79)
  • Argentina Salvador Pericullo (1979–80)
  • Peru Guillermo Vargas (1980, 1981, 1986)
  • Guatemala Alfonso Fernández (1981)
  • Chile Ricardo Sepúlveda (1981)
  • Paraguay Rafael Fernández (1981)
  • Uruguay Julio César Cortés (1982–84)
  • Guatemala Erasmo Arroyo (1985–86)
  • Guatemala Guillermo Batres (1986, 1989)
  • Guatemala Francisco Pineda (1987)
  • Chile Javier Mascaró (1987)
  • Guatemala Walter Enrique Claveríe Alvarado (1988–90)
  • Guatemala Manuel de Jesús Castañeda (1991)

  • Guatemala Leonso Contreras (1991)
  • Guatemala Carlos Castañeda (1991)
  • Guatemala Walter Claveríe (1992–93, 1996)
  • Brazil Odilio Gómez (1993, 1994)
  • Argentina Ricardo Piccinini (1993–94)
  • Nicaragua Julio Hernández (1994)
  • Guatemala Oscar Sanchez (1994)
  • Guatemala Ernesto Arroyo (1994, 1998)
  • Guatemala Marco Antonio Matheu (1995)
  • Guatemala Manuel Castañeda (1997–98)
  • Guatemala Luís Villacencio (1999)
  • Guatemala Ever González (2000)
  • Argentina Carlos de Toro (1999–00)
  • Guatemala Benjamín Monterroso (2005)
  • Argentina Horacio Cordero (2005–07)
  • Paraguay Gabino Rivero (2007–08)
  • Guatemala Pedro Evangelista Rodríguez (2008)
  • Uruguay Julio César Antúnez (2008)
  • Honduras Jorge Pineda (2008–09)
  • Guatemala Walter Claverí (2009–10)
  • Peru Agustin Castillo (2010)
  • Uruguay Richard Presa (2011–July 13)
  • Guatemala Walter Claverí (July 2013–Jan 2016)

Notes and references

  1. Source: http://www.deportivosuchi.com/historia/Historia-80s.html

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