Cécile Cukierman

Cécile Cukierman
Born April 26, 1976
Nationality French
Occupation Politician
Children 3

Cécile Cukierman (born 1976) is a French politician. She serves as a Communist Senator for the Loire.


Early life

Cécile Cukierman was born on April 26, 1976.[1]


She works as a teacher of history and geography.[1][2][3]

She serves as Deputy Mayor of Unieux.[4] She has also been a member of the regional council of Rhône-Alpes since 2004.[4][3][5] Additionally, she was elected to the French Senate on September 25, 2011, where she serves on the Commission on Culture, Education and Communication.[1][4][3][6]

Personal life

She is married, and has three children.[3]


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