Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal

Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal
Awarded by United States Congress
Type Commemorative medal
Eligibility Members of the first Byrd Antarctic Expedition from 1928-1930
Awarded for Valuable services to the Nation in the field of polar exploration and science
Status Obsolete
Established 23 May 1930
Total awarded 81
Next (higher) NC-4 Medal[1]
Next (lower) Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal[1]
Related Peary Polar Expedition Medal
United States Antarctic Expedition Medal

Ribbon bar of the medal

The Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal was established by an Act of Congress in 1930 to commemorate the Byrd Antarctic Expedition of 1928-1930.[2] Presented in gold, silver and bronze, the medals were awarded to 81 individuals associated with the expedition, for a total cost of $6,560.[3]


The medal is circular in shape and made of gold, silver, or bronze. The obverse depicts a relief of Admiral Byrd in fur lined arctic clothing. Around the depiction is the embossed wording: BYRD ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1928-1930. The reverse bears a relief depicting the sailing ship City of New York surrounded by the text PRESENTED TO THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE BYRD ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION TO EXPRESS THE HIGH ADMIRATION IN WHICH THE CONGRESS AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HOLD THEIR HEROIC AND UNDAUNTED SERVICES IN CONNECTION WITH THE SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION EXPLORATION OF THE ANTARCTIC CONTINENT. The medal is borne by a white silk ribbon with light blue center stripe.[4]

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