Byblos Castle

Byblos Castle
Byblos Castle

Byblos Castle is a castle in Byblos, Lebanon. It was built by the Crusaders in the 12th century from indigenous limestone and the remains of Roman structures. The finished structure was surrounded by a moat. It belonged to the genoese Embriaco family, whose members were the Lords of Gibelet (as Byblos was called during Middle Ages). Saladin captured the town and castle in 1188 and dismantled the walls in 1190. Later, the Crusaders recaptured Byblos and rebuilt the fortifications of the castle in 1197. In 1369, the castle had to fend off an attack from Cypriot vessels from Famagusta.[1]

The Byblos Castle has distinguished historical buildings for neighbors. Near it stand a few Egyptian temples, Phoenician Royal Necropolis and the Roman amphitheatre. These are testament to the varied and rich history of the town of Byblos.[1]

Byblos Castle, 1959
Exhibits at the museum inside the Byblos Castle.



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