Also known as Buzzoven, Buzzov-en, Buzzov.en, Buzzov*en
Origin Salisbury, North Carolina, United States
Genres Sludge metal, thrash metal, hardcore punk, noise rock
Years active 1990–1999, 2010-present
Labels Relapse, Hydra Head, Roadrunner, Allied Recordings, Alternative Tentacles
Associated acts Weedeater, Sourvein, Acid King
Members Kirk Fisher, Dave Collins, Ramsey Ateyeh, Mike Floyd
Past members Fred Hutch
Scott Majors
Brian Hill
Ashley Williamson
Buddy Apostolis
Dennis Woolard
Mykull Davidson
Johnny Brito
Craig Baker

Buzzoven (typeset Buzzov•en) is a sludge metal band from North Carolina, formed in 1990. The band was known for being one of the founders of the sludge genre along with NOLA's Eyehategod and Acid Bath, and also for their out-of-control and violent live shows. The band in its early days toured heavily around the United States and built up a cult following leading up to the release of their debut album, To a Frown (1993), which caught the attention of Roadrunner Records, who released the band's second album Sore (1994). The band was dropped by Roadrunner, and from then on have gone through several periods of being split-up and reformed, with the only constant member having been Kirk Fisher. Dave Collins now heads sludge band Weedeater.

In early 2010 Buzzoven announced plans to reunite with the ...At a Loss core line-up for a five date U.S. tour. The band has since parted ways but is expected to reunite again in 2014, possibly with some other original members. Despite Fisher's ongoing problems with bipolar disorder and crack addiction he remains hopeful about Buzzoven's future and his on-going solo career.

Band Members

Current members

Former members

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Albums and EPs

Year Title Type Label
1991 Buttrash Demo Self-released
1992 Hate Box EP Kirbdog Records
1992 Wound EP Allied Recordings
1993 To a Frown Studio album Allied Recordings
1994 Sore Studio album Roadrunner Records
1994 Unwilling to Explain EP Allied Recordings
1994 Paintime Grit EP Allied Recordings
1997 The Gospel According… II EP Allied Recordings
1998 ...At a Loss Studio album Off The Records
recorded in 2001,
officially released in 2011
Revelation: Sick Again Studio album Hydra Head Records
2005 Welcome to Violence Compilation album Alternative Tentacles
2010 Violence From The Vault Compilation album Relapse


Year Title Label
1994 "Wife Beater" (split with God and Texas) Kustom Kitchen Records
1996 "Nod" (split with Sourvein) Mudflap Records
1997 "Useless" Reptillian Records

1991 "Wound" (four band compilation 7", "Stereonucleosis comes to your house") StereoNucleosis Records

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