List of compositions by Dieterich Buxtehude

The only surviving portrait of Buxtehude, playing a viol, from A musical party by Johannes Voorhout (1674)

The Buxtehude-Werke-Verzeichnis ("Buxtehude Works Catalogue" , commonly abbreviated to BuxWV) is the catalogue and the numbering system used to identify musical works by the German-Danish Baroque composer Dieterich Buxtehude (c. 1637 – 9 May 1707). It was compiled by Georg Karstädt and published in 1974 as Thematisch-Systematisches Verzeichnis der Musikalischen Werke von Dietrich Buxtehude. The second edition, published in 1985, contains minor additions and corrections. The catalogue is organized thematically, not chronologically, and contains 275 individual pieces. The Anhang ("Appendix") adds 15 spurious and falsely attributed works.

The fourteen trio sonatas (BuxWV 252265) were the only works published during Buxtehude's lifetime. Originally issued in two volumes, the first seven are now commonly referred to as Buxtehude's opus 1 and the next seven as opus 2.

Vocal music

Cantatas (1112)

Miscellaneous vocal music (113135)

Liturgical works (113114)

Wedding arias (115122)

Canons (123124)

Titles of works not preserved (125127)

Abendmusiken (128135)

Organ works (136225)

Free organ works (136176)

Chorale preludes (177224, including Magnificats BuxWV 203205)

Buxtehude composed chorale preludes on the following hymns:

Canzonetta for keyboard or organ (225)

The keyboard canzonetta in A minor, BuxWV 225, was found just before the publication and therefore could not be inserted in the catalogue properly. This is why it does not appear with other canzonas and canzonettas and is in the end of the list of organ works.

Works for harpsichord (226251)

Suites for harpsichord (226244)

Variations and miscellaneous works for harpsichord (245251)

Chamber music (252275)

Appendix (Anh. 113)

Doubtful works (18)

Falsely attributed works (915)


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