Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

The mission of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies is to promote "a greater understanding and appreciation of Arkansas history, literature, art, and culture."[1] Named after Richard C. Butler, Sr., a noted Little Rock lawyer and philanthropist,[2] the primary function of the Butler Center is as a research library and historical archive, specializing in Arkansas related materials.[3] In addition, the Butler Center manages an online repository of Arkansas history called The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture.[4] Other projects of the Butler Center include the Arkansas Sounds Music Series, featuring live performances by musicians with ties to Arkansas;[5] Radio CALS, a weekly radio show featuring music, lectures, and oral histories from the Butler Center collections;[6] and the Arkansas Studies Institute, a joint project providing researchers access to the collections of the Butler Center and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Center for Arkansas History and Culture.[7] The Butler Center also operates five art exhibition spaces, as well as a contemporary art store featuring the work of Arkansas artists.[8]


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