Burning Airlines

Burning Airlines
Origin Washington, D.C., United States
Genres Post-hardcore, alternative rock, emo
Years active 1997–2002
Labels DeSoto
Associated acts Jawbox, Government Issue, Channels, Office of Future Plans
Past members J. Robbins
Bill Barbot
Peter Moffett
Mike Harbin
Benjamin Pape

Burning Airlines were an American rock band from Washington, D.C.. J. Robbins and Bill Barbot of Jawbox formed the band with Peter Moffett, formerly of Government Issue, in 1997. The band released two full-length albums, a self-titled 7" and "split" releases with At the Drive-In and Braid.

The band's name is taken from a Brian Eno song, "Burning Airlines Give You So Much More" from his 1974 album Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy).


Robbins and Barbot had been jamming with Moffett while their band Jawbox was still active, briefly considering him to fill in after drummer Zach Barocas' departure. However, this lineup was not to be, and Jawbox called it quits shortly thereafter. Taking their name from a Brian Eno song, Burning Airlines quickly released their first 7", and shortly thereafter their debut CD "Mission: Control!" was released in 1999 on DeSoto Records.

Unable to tour full-time, Bill Barbot left the band to be replaced by longtime friend and Jawbox roadie, Mike Harbin, also of the band Jack Potential, took over as bassist. This lineup toured extensively and recorded second album, "Identikit", released on DeSoto Records in 2001. Shortly afterwards, Benjamin Pape was added as second guitarist/keyboards/vocalist.

Burning Airlines were in the middle of a major North American Tour when the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York occurred. Many clubs refused to display the band's name prominently so shortly after the attacks and the band considered changing their name, but decided the name was still appropriate, and had taken a new meaning and relevancy. The band then abruptly split up in 2002.



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