Burma Rani

Burma Rani

Poster of Burma Rani
Directed by T. R. Sundaram
Produced by Modern Theatres
Starring K. L. V. Vasantha
T. R. Sundaram
Honnappa Bhagavathar
Serugulathur Sama
T. S. Balaiah
V. M. Ezhumalai
Release dates
Country India
Language Tamil

Burma Rani (Queen of Burma) is a 1945 Indian Tamil-language war-spy film directed by T. R. Sundaram. It starred K. L. V. Vasantha in the lead role of the female spy Mangalam and Sundaram, himself, as the lead antagonist.


At the height of World War II in 1943, the government of British India brought forth a rule that out of three Indian films made, two should be in support of the British war effort. Burma Rani was one of such movies produced by Modern Theatres and directed by T. R. Sundaram.


The story revolves around a spy ring in Japanese-occupied Burma headed by a Tamil woman named Mangalam. She keeps the Japanese army commander and the principal antagonist of the movie General Bakjina under her surveillance. However, things turn awry when three Indian pilots in the British Indian Air Force are captured and taken prisoner and one of them (played by T. S. Balaiah) is eventually killed. The story of the escape of the other two pilots forms the plot of the movie. The character of the Japanese general Bakjina is a spoof of Adolf Hitler.


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