Burkitt Medal

The Burkitt Medal is awarded annually by the British Academy "in recognition of special service to Biblical Studies". Awards alternate between Hebrew Bible studies (odd years) and New Testament studies (even years). It was established in 1923 and has been awarded to many notable theologians. It is named in honour of Francis Crawford Burkitt.[1]

List of recipients

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Year Recipient Area of study
2000 Hans Dieter Betz New Testament
2001 Rudolf Smend Hebrew Bible
2002 Gerd Theissen New Testament
2003 Bertil Albrektson Hebrew Bible
2004 Morna Hooker New Testament
2005 Pierre-Maurice Bogaert OSB Hebrew Bible
2006 Graham Stanton New Testament
2007 Alberto Soggin Hebrew Bible
2008 Richard Bauckham New Testament
2009 Ernest Nicholson Hebrew Bible


Year Recipient Area of study
2010 Ulrich Luz New Testament
2011 Andrew Mayes Hebrew Bible
2012 Christopher Tuckett New Testament
2013 R. E. Clements Hebrew Bible
2014 N. T. Wright New Testament
2015 David J. A. Clines[2] "in recognition of his significant contribution to the study of the Hebrew Bible and Hebrew lexicography"
2016 Barbara Aland "for her significant contribution to New Testament textual research"[3]


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