Bullet Train for Australia

Bullet Train For Australia
Convenor Tim Bohm
Political position single-issue advocating high-speed rail in Australia

Bullet Train for Australia is an Australian political party, registered in 2013.[1] It is a single-issue party campaigning for a fast implementation of high-speed rail. It advocates that the first stage of the bullet train should run from Melbourne to Newcastle via Canberra and Sydney, and be built within 5 years.[2]

The party grew out of the Bullet Train for Canberra party led by Tim Bohm, which at the 2012 ACT elections gained around 9,000 votes,[3] representing 4% of first preference votes.[4] The party had 18 candidates in the 2013 federal election, in the ACT, NSW and Victoria.[2]

The party has been involved in Glenn Druery's Minor Party Alliance.[5][6]

The Bullet Train For Australia party fielded four candidates for seats in the House of Representatives in the ACT, NSW and Victoria in the 2016 federal election.[7]


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