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Buckfast Abbey and Methodist Church

Buckfast is a small village near Buckfastleigh in Teignbridge district, Devon, England, on the bank of the River Dart.[1] It is the home of Buckfast Abbey, an active Benedictine monastery, which gave its name to Buckfast Tonic Wine, originally made there.

Buckfast is in the civil parish of Buckfastleigh, which has a town council.[2]

There is a Methodist chapel, built in 1881, which is used for joint Anglican and Methodist services every Sunday.[3]

The village has a co-educational Roman Catholic primary school, St Mary's Catholic Primary School.[4]

There were woollen mills in the village, powered by the River Dart. A large mill was taken over in th 1950s by Axminster Carpets. When the company went into administration in 2013 the Abbey acquired the Mill premises.[5][6]

The village has a post office, which relocated in 2015 into the Mill Shop.[7]


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