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The National University of Arts in Bucharest (Romanian: Universitatea Naţională de Arte) is a university in Bucharest preparing students in fine arts. The National University of Arts is a higher education institution in Bucharest.


The National School of Fine Arts was founded on 5 October 1864 through a decree issued by the ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza and as a result of the efforts pursued by the painters Theodor Aman and Gheorghe Tattarescu. This fine arts institution from Bucharest has had a number of official denominations over time:

The School had various departments: painting, sculpture, engraving, architecture, line drawing, aesthetics, history and perspectival drawing. At that time, the duration of studies was 5 years.

The School of Decorative Arts was founded in 1904.

In 1909, Spiru Haret approved the Regulation for the interior administration of the School of Arts, a document that established the admission examination and confirmed the break with the School of Architecture through the approval of a method of selection by the end of the 1st year of studies. The duration of studies was 7 years.

Through the Higher Education Law of 1931, the Fine Arts Schools in Romania were transformed in Fine Arts Academies. The first appointed rector was Camil Ressu. In 1942 the Academy changed its name again into the Higher School of Arts in Bucharest. The Arts Institute of Bucharest was founded in 1948 and included the Faculties of Theatre and Music, Choreography and Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Art History. The Fine Arts Institute "Nicolae Grigorescu" was established in 1950. Since 1990 The Fine Arts Institute "Nicolae Grigorescu" changed its name into the Academy of Arts and, from 2002, its current name is The National University of Arts.


The University is structurally divided into 3 faculties:

Since 2012, the elected rector of the National University of Arts in Bucharest is Professor Cătălin Bălescu.

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