Bryce Goggin

Bryce Goggin is a record producer and sound engineer. His career began in the early 1990s working at Baby Monster Studios. He first received note for mixing the album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain by Pavement.[1] He has since worked with a number of musicians including The Apples in Stereo, Luna, Swans, Evan Dando, Sean Lennon, Sebadoh, Heave, Come, Spacehog, Ramones, The Morning Glories, Band of Susans, Danish band Grand Avenue, Phish, The 45's, Akron Family, Dylan Connor, The Spring Standards, Lucibel Crater, Bettie Serveert,[2] and cabaret pop group Antony and the Johnsons. In 2013 he mixed This Tree by Leah Coloff one of the first releases in interactive Gralbum format. He won an Independent Music Award, along with Kenny Siegal and Brian Geltner, for Best Music Producer for Johnny Society's Free Society.[3]


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