Browar Łomża

Browar Lomza brewery (2004)

The Browar Łomża /ˈwɒmʒə/ (Polish pronunciation: [ˈwɔmʐa]) is Poland's fourth largest brewery. Browar Łomża Sp. z o.o. launched the plant in 1968. In 2007 it was purchased by Royal Unibrew.[1] In 2011 it was sold to Polish Brewery Van Pur of Warsaw.[2] The Browar Łomża brewery is located in Łomża, Poland.


Łomża Niepasteryzowane.
Łomża Export.

Browar Łomża Brewery has been brewing since 1968. The plant was modernized in 2004 and has a capacity to brew up to 850 thousand hectolitres. Traditionally it used to brew three slightly different beers: "Kurpie", "Wyborowe" and "Export". Later came "Łomża Strong" but it was not particularly successful and has now been discontinued. In 2010 Browar Łomża came up with a new taste "miodowe" (honey). After ownership changes and due to marketing campaigns, new brands such as "Łomża niepasteryzowane" (unpasteurised) and "Łomża Export niepasteryzowane" are gaining popularity.

Other brands in Browar Łomża Brewery


Browar Łomża is the official sponsor of the ŁKS Łomża football club from Łomża.


The label shows two Kurpie folks people dancing on a green label.

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