Location in Hungary

Coordinates: 47°44′0″N 18°10′0″E / 47.73333°N 18.16667°E / 47.73333; 18.16667Coordinates: 47°44′0″N 18°10′0″E / 47.73333°N 18.16667°E / 47.73333; 18.16667
Country Hungary
Elevation[1] 377 ft (115 m)

Szőny was a town in Hungary. Since 1977, it has been part of the city of Komárom.


The Roman legion Legio I Adiutrix was based here from 86 AD to the mid-5th century and took part in several Parthian wars.[2]

The town was known as Brigetio to the Romans, and was the site of the death of Roman Emperor Valentinian I[3] An important Roman military diploma was found in the town in the early twentieth century - it is now in the British Museum's collection.[4] Later during the Middle Ages the town was called Camarum. The town has one of the earliest records of conjoined twins - Helen and Judith.[5]

During the Oil Campaign of World War II, the Szőny oil refinery was a strategic bombing target.


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