Brienne claim to the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Hugh, Count of Brienne claimed the regency of Jerusalem (and, indirectly, a place in the succession) in 1264 as senior heir of Hugh I of Cyprus and Alice of Jerusalem, being the son of their eldest daughter, but was passed over by the Haute Cour in favor of his cousin Hugh III of Cyprus. This claim fell to his son Walter V of Brienne and his descendants. They are the heirs-general of Queen Isabella of Jerusalem, and thus of the line founded by King Baldwin II of Jerusalem.

Hugh of Brienne himself is said to have tried to sell his rights to Alfonso III of Aragon in 1289.

This claim was remembered in 1331 when Robert I of Naples conspired to seize Cyprus, and took Brienne heirs to the pursuit, obviously to utilize their hereditary claim.

In 1406, the then Brienne heiress, Mary of Enghien, was married to Ladislaus of Naples who thus strengthened his pretension to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, but they did not have issue.

Line of succession

The succession went through generations of the La Tremoille family. They became extinct in 1930s in the male line, and the eldest sister of the last Duke of La Tremoille—married to the Prince de Ligne—succeeded. Her children began to use the additional name La Tremoille. As of 2011 the current claimant is Prince Charles-Antoine Lamoral of Ligne-La Trémoïlle.



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