For items of low value, see Bric-à-brac. For the 2005 French album, see Bric à brac.
Created by Michael Cole and Nick Wilson
Starring Brian Cant
Country of origin United Kingdom
Producer(s) Michael Cole, Cynthia Felgate and Nick Wilson
Original network BBC1 (1980 1982)
Original release 1 October 1980 – 29 September 1982

Bric-a-Brac is a British children's television series devised by Michael Cole and Nick Wilson, and starring well known children's television presenter Brian Cant. It was produced by the BBC and originally ran from 1 October until 5 November 1980, with another series from 18 August to 29 September 1982. It was repeated frequently until 1989.[1][2][3][4]

The programme was set in a fictitious junk shop, with its shopkeeper played by Cant, who would deliver a monologue to camera. Each episode centred on a particular letter of the alphabet, with different items beginning with that letter found and discussed by the shopkeeper. Cant's script made heavy use of alliteration, and made use of tongue-twisters. At the end of each episode, he would wind up and set off a traditional clockwork toy, upon which the camera would focus whilst the credits rolled.


The programme was presented by Brian Cant throughout its run.

Theme Music

The theme music is an edited version of the track "Keystone Capers 2" by Eric Peters from the KPM LP Electrosonic (1972).


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