Brian Garfield

Brian Garfield
Born Brian Francis Wynne Garfield
(1939-01-26) January 26, 1939[1]
New York City, New York, United States[1][2]
Occupation Writer
Nationality American
Notable works Death Wish
Notable awards 1976 Edgar Award for Best Novel.

Brian Francis Wynne Garfield (born January 26, 1939)[1] is an American novelist and screenwriter. He wrote his first published book at the age of eighteen[3] and wrote several novels under such pen names as "Frank Wynne" and "'Brian Wynne" before gaining prominence when his book Hopscotch (1975) won the 1976 Edgar Award for Best Novel. He is best known for his 1972 novel Death Wish, which was adapted for the 1974 film of the same title, followed by four sequels, and an upcoming remake. His follow-up 1975 sequel to Death Wish, Death Sentence, was very loosely adapted into a film of the same name which was released to theaters in late 2007, though an entirely different storyline, but with the novel's same look on vigilantism. Garfield is also the author of The Thousand-Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for History. Garfield's latest book, published in 2007, is Meinertzhagen, the biography of controversial British intelligence officer Richard Meinertzhagen. Garfield is the nephew of chorus dancer and stage manager Chester O'Brien.

Pen names



Credited to 'Brian Garfield' or 'Brian Wynne Garfield' unless otherwise indicated.
Year Title Author Credit Series Notes
1960 Range Justice Certain characters reappear in the Jeremy Six series (written as ‘Brian Wynne’). Abridged and reissued as Justice at Spanish Flat (1961).
1961 The Arizonans
1962 The Rimfire Murders Frank O’Brian
1962 Arizona Rider Frank Wynne
1962 The Lawbringers
1962 7 Brave Men Bennett Garland Lancer and Magnum Books editions (also 1962) credited to Brian Garfield.
1962 Massacre Basin Frank Wynne
1963 High Storm Bennett Garland Lancer Books edition (also 1963) credited to Brian Garfield.
1963 The Big Snow Frank Wynne
1963 Vultures in the Sun
1963 Apache Canyon Justin Harris
1963 Dragoon Pass Frank Wynne
1964 The Vanquished
1964 Rio Concho Frank Wynne
1964 Trail Drive
1964 Rails West Frank Wynne
1964 The Last Outlaw Bennett Garland Magnum Books edition (also 1964) credited to Brian Garfield.
1964 Mr. Sixgun Brian Wynne Jeremy Six First appearance of Marshall Jeremy Six. Second novel to be set in Spanish Flat, with some characters from Range Justice returning.
1965 Lynch Law Canyon Frank Wynne
1965 The Night It Rained Bullets Brian Wynne Jeremy Six
1966 Call Me Hazard Frank Wynne
1966 The Wolf Pack Frank Wynne
1966 The Bravos Brian Wynne Jeremy Six
1966 Bugle & Spur Justin Harris Ballantine Books edition (1970) credited to Frank O'Brian.
1966 The Last Bridge
1967 The Lusty Breed Frank Wynne
1967 The Proud Riders Brian Wynne Jeremy Six
1967 A Badge for a Badman Brian Wynne Jeremy Six
1967 Rio Chama Bennett Garland
1968 Brand of the Gun Brian Wynne Jeremy Six
1968 Buchanan’s Gun Jonas Ward Tom Buchanan Seventh novel in the Tom Buchanan series. Other Buchanan novels were written by William Ard, William R. Cox, and Robert Silverberg, all as ‘Jonas Ward.’[4]
1968 Savage Guns Alex Hawk
1968 Arizona Ballantine Books edition (1969) credited to Frank O'Brian.
1969 Gundown Brian Wynne Jeremy Six Not to be confused with later Gundown written by Garfield.
1969 Big Country, Big Men Brian Wynne Jeremy Six Final Jeremy Six novel written by Garfield. The last book in the series, Gunslick Territory (1973), was written by Dean Owen a.k.a. Dudley Dean [McGaughey] (as ‘Brian Wynne’).[5]
1970 Valley of the Shadow
1970 The Hit
1970 Sliphammer
1970 The Villiers Touch
1971 Gundown Reissued as The Last Hard Men in 1976. First publication in the U.K. (Coronet, 1974) credited to Frank Wynne.
1971 Deep Cover
1971 Sweeny’s Honor First publication in the U.K. (Coronet, 1974) credited to Frank Wynne.
1971 What of Terry Conniston?
1972 Death Wish Paul Benjamin Basis for 1974 Charles Bronson film (and its four sequels).
1972 Relentless Sam Watchman
1972 Line of Succession
1973 Kolchak’s Gold
1973 Gangway! Collaboration with Donald E. Westlake.
1973 Tripwire
1974 The Romanov Succession
1974 The Threepersons Hunt Sam Watchman
1975 Death Sentence Paul Benjamin Basis for 2007 film Death Sentence (starring Kevin Bacon and directed by James Wan) credits Garfield but does not follow the events of the novel.
1975 Hopscotch Winner of the Edgar Award (Best Novel of the Year). Certain characters reappear in the collection Checkpoint Charlie (1981).
1975 Act of Piracy Frank O'Brian
1975 Target Manhattan Drew Mallory
1977 Recoil
1978 Fear in a Handful of Dust John Ives
1978 Wild Times
1979 The Marchand Woman John Ives
1979 The Paladin Collaboration with Christopher Creighton.
1984 Necessity
1989 Manifest Destiny
1990 Cemetery Jones and the Tombstone War After author William R. Cox died, Garfield finished this novel (uncredited).
2003 The Hit and The Marksman The Hit was originally published in 1970. The Marksman is a novella based on an unproduced screenplay.




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