Brian Earnshaw

Brian Earnshaw (born 26 December 1929) is a British author, known for his Dragonfall 5 series, illustrated by Simon Stern.

Earnshaw was born in Wrexham, Wales, and attended St John's College, Cambridge, where he studied history. He then spent a number of years as a secondary school teacher in different locations in the UK. He spent a long time as a lecturer in English Literature at St Paul's College, Cheltenham (a teacher training college with Bristol university qualifications). After retiring, he moved to Bristol, where he still lives, and worked with Timothy Mowl on a range of books on British architectural and garden history. These sometimes appear with Earnshaw as Mowl's co-author, and sometimes with him in Mowl's acknowledgement as a researcher. He has a great love of botany and travel, and has made extensive trips around Europe and elsewhere studying flowers, architecture, gardens and history.



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