Brian "Mitts" Daniels

Brian "Mitts" Daniels
Born 1971
Origin New York City
Genres Hardcore punk, crossover thrash, heavy metal
Occupation(s) Musician, guitarist, songwriter, producer
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1997present
Associated acts Madball, Skarhead, Crown of Thornz, Hazen Street

Brian "Mitts" Daniels, is an American musician, songwriter, and producer. He has been the guitarist of Madball since 2001.


Born in 1971,[1] Daniels first discovered hardcore music during the mid to late '80s in New York.[2] In addition to playing in bands, Daniels served as general assistant/assistant engineer at Skyline Studios in New York City from 1991-1994,[3] before playing guitar in such hardcore-metal bands as Crown of Thornz and Skarhead.[4]

Since 2001, Daniels has been the guitarist in Madball, playing on such releases as NYHC EP (2003), Legacy (2005), Infiltrate The System (2007), Empire (2010), Rebellion EP (2012), and Hardcore Lives (2014).

Additionally, Daniels has either recorded or performed with other bands, including Hazen Street and Rag Men,[5] and is also a producer, having produced a pair of recordings for Strength Approach (Roma Hardcore State of Mind EP in 2013 and Over the Edge in 2016) and a recording for All for Nothing.[6]

Since 2014, Daniels has been endorsed by BC Rich guitars.[7]



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