Brentwood Urban District

  1899 460 acres (1.9 km2)
  1974 18,269 acres (73.93 km2)
  1901 4,932
  1971 58,280
  Created 1899
  Abolished 1974
  Succeeded by Brentwood borough
Status Urban district
  HQ Brentwood

Brentwood Urban District was a local government district in south Essex, England from 1899 to 1974.

The district was created in 1899 from the parish of Brentwood which from 1894 had formed part of Billericay Rural District.

In 1934 when Billericay Rural District was abolished, Brentwood Urban District gained the former area of the parishes of Hutton, Ingrave and South Weald. It also gained area that had formed parts of other parishes from that district and from Romford Rural District.

The district was abolished in 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972 and its former area now forms part of Brentwood borough.

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Coordinates: 51°37′N 0°19′E / 51.61°N 0.32°E / 51.61; 0.32

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