Bregaglia Range

Bregaglia Range

View across the village of Soglio (foreground) to the peaks of the western Bregaglia – the Sciora peaks (left), Piz Cengalo (left centre) and Piz Badile (centre)
Highest point
Peak Monte Disgrazia
Elevation 3,678 m (12,067 ft)
Coordinates 46°16′09″N 9°44′57″E / 46.26917°N 9.74917°E / 46.26917; 9.74917
Countries Italy and Switzerland
States/Provinces Grisons and Lombardy
Range coordinates 46°18′N 9°43′E / 46.3°N 9.71°E / 46.3; 9.71Coordinates: 46°18′N 9°43′E / 46.3°N 9.71°E / 46.3; 9.71
Parent range Alps

The Bregaglia Range (commonly the Bregaglia) is a small group of mostly granite mountains in Graubünden, Switzerland and the Province of Sondrio, northern Italy. It derives its name from the partly Swiss, partly Italian valley, the Val Bregaglia, and is known as Bergell in German. Other names which are applied to the range include the Val Masino Alps and, to describe the main ridge, Masino-Bregaglia-Disgrazia. Vicosoprano (1,067 m) is the main settlement in the Swiss part of the range.

The range is a popular mountaineering destination, and includes such peaks as Monte Disgrazia, Piz Cengalo and Piz Badile. Well-known mountaineers who are associated with the area and have made significant first ascents in the range include Leslie Stephen, D. W. Freshfield, W. A. B. Coolidge, Christian Klucker, Paul Güssfeldt and Riccardo Cassin.

A cable-car service runs from Pranzaira to the Albigna lake, and the Albigna hut (2,331 m) is a further 30–45-minute walk up the east side of the barrage.

Significant peaks

Mountain/peak Height (metres)
Monte Disgrazia 3,678
Cima di Castello 3,375
Cima di Rosso 3,369
Piz Cengalo 3,367
Cima dal Cantun 3,354
Monte Sissone 3,330
Piz Badile 3,308
Sciora di Dentro 3,275
Cima della Bondasca 3,267
Piz Bacun 3,244
Punta Pioda 3,238
Pizzi Gemelli 3,223
Monte del Forno 3,214
Ago di Sciora 3,205
Monte di Zocca 3,175
Piz Badilet 3,171
Sciora di Fuori (Sciora Dafora) 3,169
Piz Cacciabella 2,980
Torre Innominata 2,969
Piz Trubinasca 2,918
Monte Spluga2,841


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