Bredo Greve

Adolf Bredo Stabell Greve (28 June 1871 – 30 March 1931) was a Norwegian architect.

Greve was born at Hamar in Hedmark, Norway. He was a son of Mathias Sigwardt Greve (1832–1912) and Blanca Olivia Juell (1836–1918). He was a brother of Ulrikke Greve and cousin of Georg Greve.[1][2]

Greve was educated at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin which he attended from 1893 to 1895. He was trained a both an architect and engineer. After that he worked as an assistant to professor and architect Bruno Schmitz in Berlin until 1897, went he started his own practice in Oslo.[3]

In 1902, he married Esther Hougberg (1878–1939), daughter of the Finnish Senator Sven Wilhelm Hougberg. Their daughter Anita Greve was a painter. Greve was appointed Knight of the 1st Class in the Order of St. Olav in 1910. He was also chairman of Norwegian Architects National Association (NAL) in the period 1916 to 1920.[4]

Selected works


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