Bram Stemerdink

Bram Stemerdink (1972)

Abraham "Bram" Stemerdink (born 6 March 1936 in Winterswijk) was for many years a member of the "Tweede kamer" (Dutch Parliament) and defense specialist for the PvdA.


Bram Stemerdink was initially a captain in the Army, but lost an eye in a military exercise, after which he studied law in Leiden. Then he became secretary of the Council of War, member of the North Brabant province government and councilor for the city 's-Hertogenbosch and since 1970 Member of Parliament (MP). In the Den Uyl administration he was Secretary of State of Defence from 1973 and from January 1 to December 19, 1977 Minister of Defence.[1] In the second van Agt administration he was secretary of state again. In the periods 1978–1981 and 1982–1994 he was an MP. Stemerdink was an independent politician with historical interest. He was an activist for the preservation of the old parliament hall. He has been a respected radio commentator for many years. He is also chairman of the foundation National War and Resistance in Overloon (the Netherlands).


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Preceded by
Henk Vredeling
Minister of Defence
Succeeded by
Roelof Kruisinga

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