Brchevo / Brčevo
Country Macedonia
Municipality Struga
Statistical Region Southwestern
Elevation 921 m (3,022 ft)
Population (2002)
  Total 9
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Area code(s) +38946

Brčevo (Macedonian Cyrillic: Брчево) is a small village located near Struga, in the Struga municipality in the western region of the Republic of Macedonia. The village is situated 921 m (3,022 ft) above sea level and has a population of 20.

The village was once a thriving community but has in the last 30 years lost the majority of its population to the commercial centres on it, such as Struga. The village is still visited regularly by it previous residents and related family for religious holidays and for the maintenance of the village housing.

Coordinates: 41°18′N 20°40′E / 41.300°N 20.667°E / 41.300; 20.667

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