Boyan Vukelic

Boyan Vukelic
Born Paris, France
Occupation Actor

Canadian-Yugoslav Boyan Vukelic initially studied Construction Management before choosing to train in the dramatic arts at the Gastown Actors' Studio in his hometown of Vancouver. During his high school years, he had forrayed briefly into the world of modelling, but did not enjoy the experience and quickly moved on, later working as a bricklayer.

His acting career to date has seen him largely appearing as military personnel or police officers, including a leading role late in the only season of Rockpoint P.D., where he appeared as Constable Dave Tyler, and a recurring role in hit Sci-fi series Stargate: Atlantis as Sgt. Stackhouse.

Boyan's most recent project, supernatural thriller Within, was completed in 2005. Brad Stirling, the character he plays in the Great British Films/Horizon Motion Pictures endeavour, is something of a departure from type - a 21-year-old graduate on a post-university trip to Europe with friends.

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