Boxing at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's bantamweight

Men's bantamweight boxing
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
VenueExCeL Exhibition Centre
Date28 July to 11 August
Competitors28 from 28 nations
   Great Britain
Boxing at the
2012 Summer Olympics

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The men's bantamweight boxing competition at the 2012 Olympic Games in London was held from 28 July to 11 August at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre.

Twenty-eight boxers from 28 nations competed. Luke Campbell of Great Britain won the gold medal, defeating Ireland's John Joe Nevin in the final.[1] Nevin took the silver medal and bronze medals were awarded to both semi-final losers.[2][3][4]

Competition format

Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament.[5] The competition consisted of 28 boxers who had qualified through various qualifying tournaments held in 2011 and 2012. The competition began with a preliminary round on 28 July, where the number of competitors was reduced to 16, and concluded with a final on 11 August.[6] As there were less than 32 boxers in the competition a number of boxers received a bye for the preliminary round. Both semi-final losers were awarded bronze medals, so no boxers competed again after their first loss.

All bouts comprised three three-minute periods where the boxers received points for every successful punch they could land on their opponent's head or upper body.[5] The boxer with the most points at the end of the bouts won. If a boxer was knocked to the ground and cannot get up before the referee counts to 10 then the bout is over and the opponent wins.


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Date Time Round
Saturday 28 July 2012 13:30 & 20:30 Round of 32
Wednesday 1 August 2012 13:30 & 20:30 Round of 16
Sunday 5 August 2012 20:30 Quarter-finals
Friday 10 August 2012 14:00 Semi-finals
Saturday 11 August 2012 20:45 Final



Semi-finals Final
  Lázaro Álvarez (CUB) 14  
  John Joe Nevin (IRL) 19  
      John Joe Nevin (IRL) 11
    Luke Campbell (GBR) 14
  Luke Campbell (GBR) 20
  Satoshi Shimizu (JPN) 11  

Top half

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals
           Lázaro Álvarez (CUB) 21  
  Joseph Diaz (USA) 19       Joseph Diaz (USA) 15  
  Pavlo Ishchenko (UKR) 9         Lázaro Álvarez (CUB) 16  
  Sergey Vodopiyanov (RUS) 12         Robenílson de Jesus (BRA) 11  
  Alberto Melián (ARG) 5       Sergey Vodopiyanov (RUS) 11  
  Robenílson de Jesus (BRA) 13       Robenílson de Jesus (BRA) 13  
  Orzubek Shayimov (UZB) 7         Lázaro Álvarez (CUB) 14
  John Joe Nevin (IRL) 21         John Joe Nevin (IRL) 19
  Dennis Ceylan (DEN) 6       John Joe Nevin (IRL) 15  
  Kanat Abutalipov (KAZ) 15       Kanat Abutalipov (KAZ) 10  
  Wessam Salamana (SYR) 7         John Joe Nevin (IRL) 19  
  Shiva Thapa (IND) 9         Óscar Valdez (MEX) 13  
  Óscar Valdez (MEX) 14       Óscar Valdez (MEX) 13       
           Anvar Yunusov (TJK) 7       

Bottom half

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals
           Luke Campbell (GBR) 11  
  Jonas Matheus (NAM) 7       Vittorio Parrinello (ITA) 9  
  Vittorio Parrinello (ITA) 18         Luke Campbell (GBR) 16  
  Ibrahim Balla (AUS) 16+         Detelin Dalakliev (BUL) 15  
  Aboubakr Lbida (MAR) 16       Ibrahim Balla (AUS) 10  
  Ayabonga Sonjica (RSA) 6       Detelin Dalakliev (BUL) 14  
  Detelin Dalakliev (BUL) 15         Luke Campbell (GBR) 20
  Merab Turkadze (GEO)         Satoshi Shimizu (JPN) 11
  Mohamed Ouadahi (ALG) WO       Mohamed Ouadahi (ALG) 16  
  William Encarnación (DOM) 15       William Encarnación (DOM) 10  
  Romeo Lemboumba (GAB) 6         Mohamed Ouadahi (ALG) 15  
  Isaac Dogboe (GHA) 9         Satoshi Shimizu (JPN) 17  
  Satoshi Shimizu (JPN) 10       Satoshi Shimizu (JPN) RSC       
           Magomed Abdulhamidov (AZE)       


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