Botanical Garden of Vilnius University

Former manor park, now a part of the botanical garden

Botanical Garden of Vilnius University (Lithuanian: Vilniaus universiteto botanikos sodas) is a botanical garden situated in Vilnius, Lithuania.


The garden was established by professor Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert of Vilnius University in 1781. In 1832 the Vilnius University and Botanical Garden were closed. In 1919, the Botanical Garden of the Polish Stefan Batory University was started in a new location, in Zakret (since 1945 Vingis).[1] In 1975 territory of the garden was expanded, and since then the main part of the garden is in Kairėnai (address is: Vilnius, Kairėnų Street, 43), which is situated in Antakalnis elderate of Vilnius. There is also a department of the garden in Vingis Park.



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